Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finding Out Our Christmas Present

The big day finally arrived this week--June 8th, the day we would get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  It was like anticipating Christmas morning, impatience for what's in that present!

Our ultrasound was just so fun!  There has been tremendous change since week 7's ultrasound :)  It was amazing, I could have watched all evening.  We saw all the fingers and toes, watched the heartbeat just thumping away, and oh, the kicking!!  Right leg, left leg, both together, and repeat!  I said it was cute, and Jarod said, wait til you're about 7 months along... Im not sure you'll think the same about all that kicking.  And the cutest part of all was watching the little hands reach and play with the umbilical cord.  Haha.  I guess, why not?  Nothing else to do in there til November :)

Head, belly and arms (there's crazy kicking legs too, just not in the picture :)


We had the tech write the gender down and seal it in an envelope, and from there we went to Buca de Bepo for a celebratory dinner.  So over rigatoni and meatballs, we found out we were having...

From the restaurant, we called my friend back in Missouri, Becca, who has a new, wonderful event planning business, to tell her the news.  She had a double layer cake waiting to be filled with either pink or blue icing.  She did a wonderful job!  The cake was gorgeous and she had it in my brother's hands (who waited in the living room, so he couldn't see) within ten minutes.  

My brother rushed off to surprise my parents at their house, as it was already 8pm, central time, and my sister in law was running out of stalling antics to keep my grandmother up past her bedtime.  
Well, one fiasco later, two stop signs away from Becca's house, the cake slid under the back seat, completely removing all of the icing off the top!  My poor brother turned back around to Becca's place in a state of confusion.  Poor Becca came to the rescue a SECOND time and apparently fixed the cake back to unnoticable perfection.  
Twenty minutes later, my brother pulls into my parents house with the surprise cake, but Dad has gone to take my GrannyAnnie home.  Austin leaves the cake in the vehicle with the air-conditioner running, as it is 90 degrees outside, until my Dad arrives.  FINALLY, at 9:30, Austin comes in with the cake, and announces the the surprise!  Mom got to cut it and they were all were excited to see bright pink icing.  

Jarod and I sat enjoying a lovely meal here in Los Angeles, while we were causing an absolute debacle back home in Missouri!!  Haha, it was quite funny to hear them retell the story over the phone.  Oh well.  I tried to be creative for them :)  Maybe they would have just preferred a call.  Haha.  

Saturday, June 4, 2011

One Cute Onesie

This came in the mail from Auntie Aimee a few weeks ago - too cute!!