Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tripp: One Month Old

Our Baby Boy celebrated his one month birthday yesterday (ok, so I started this post a while back). I think time goes by doubly fast with the second one because I'm pretty sure I was just pregnant like yesterday...

It has been great getting to know our little guy. Here's a little on what we have learned, and a brief recap of the first month. 

Tripp's stats: 8lb12oz and 21in (at two weeks old)

Eating: a nursing fool! Exclusively breastfed, and loving it. He is a natural, I'm so thankful. I decided to nurse "on demand" as opposed to a schedule, and it is working so well. Nursing this go round is a complete success for both parties, I am so grateful!! 

Sleeping: he is doing his typical newborn thing- sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. He loves to be held during naptime, but also does well snuggled on the couch or mom and dads bed. And, oh my goodness, he is SUCH a snuggler!! His favorite way to be held for naps is upright, head nuzzled on the shoulder in the crook of your neck or upright, with his head buried face down in your chest. It's completely adorable and I'm trying to savor all of it! 

Tid Bits: Tripp's belly button has finally healed up! The poor little guy would cry and cry during diaper changes, and I was sure it was because of the poor diaper rubbing that scab :( 

Tripp's circumcision has also healed up perfectly, and much quicker than his belly button. Needless to say, diaper changes are now tear free and much quieter. 

We love simethicone drops (gas drops)! This is really the only thing that causes this little guy much trouble, stupid gas! But after a few drops, he melts into butter and is sawing logs.

Tripp is not a huge fan of the swaddle. He likes to sleep with free arms, and doesn't seem to wake himself up, so we are rolling with it for now.  

Poor little guy is in the thick of the baby acne, but if it's like his sister's, it'll be done soon.  

All in all, I am amazed we have another child. I am dually amazed at how easy it can be to have a newborn. I am so thankful for this little guy. I am truly enjoying him and trying to soak up every moment!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Tripp's First Two Weeks

Tripp David Sickler
November 23, 2013
8lb 9oz, 20.5in

I just can't get over this little guy.  From the moment he was born, he was Mr. Mellow.  Barely a cry, and more like a whimper in his first few moments.  He snuggles and snuggles and cuddles and cuddles.  He eats, and sleeps, and sleeps some more.  All done so effortlessly, so beautifully.  He is a peaceful, content baby.  And I love it.  I am so thankful!

In his first 24 hours, Tripp had a hard time maintaining his body temperature, so the nurses suggested we try a skin to skin technique.  It worked.  And those ten hours of uninterrupted snuggles, watching the snow fall outside, will forever be etched in my memory.  

Because he was born 16 days early, and was a big baby, the nurses wanted to make sure he could maintain his blood sugar levels, so every few hours, before nursing, poor little Tripp would get a needle prick in the heel.  Our pediatrician also wanted a blood sample because he was an early, big baby; another needle. And then of course, there was the big snipping, which was quite traumatic as well.  Call it crazy justification.. but I could not let that baby boy lie in his plastic bed after such an invasive first twenty four hours.  So he stayed in my arms and I snuggled and snuggled my sweet baby boy.

I can honestly say I was so relaxed and so at ease those first two days.  Jarod and I both agreed we were enjoying this baby and the whole experience so much more.  There is such a difference between first and second babies! 

Big sister comes to visit at the hospital.
My little sleeping bundle.

Dressed and ready to go home!

I think my kids look a little alike... CA left, Tripp right.

Home! And so disgruntled with your Sister... probably won't be the first time, Little Buddy.

How Tripp spent Thanksgiving.

So he sleeps really good sprawled out in Mom and Dad's bed.


This was Big Sister's onesie :) Sharing already, how sweet.

Back asleep- a pretty common pose for this one.

Almost back asleep.

The lap swaddle.

We love our Little Man and I am just so thankful at his ability and willingness to sleep and rest.  I am also so so thankful that he's nursing and eating well and is a healthy boy.  What a gift!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tripp's Story of Arrival

Jarod returned from Baltimore Friday night on November 22nd.  It had been a long week for both of us.  He had been at a Philosophy Conference the past four days.  I was running solo with a moody toddler and caring for two extra babies.  Needless to say, we were more than ready for a restful weekend.  With a quick hug and a "welcome back," Jarod and I dropped into bed exhausted.

At 7:30am, the next morning, I rolled over in bed and felt a gush of warm water.  I leapt off the mattress (as leaping as one can be at 37 weeks pregnant), convinced I had just peed the bed.  But then there was more gushing.  My water had broke.  My brain immediately went to blender mode.. Who would take care of Charlie Ann while we were at the hospital? My house is not clean! The baby's room is not finished!  My mom isn't here!  But Jarod's birthday is today!  I'm only 37 weeks?!! I am not mentally ready to birth a baby today!  My hospital bag isn't even packed!

The next two hours were a blur.  Neighbors and friends from church were called to care for Charlie Ann, the kitchen and downstairs were frantically cleaned, the dog was fed, pajamas and a toothbrush were thrown into an overnight bag, and a newborn set of baby boy clothes were picked out.  Our sweet neighbor showed up at 9:30am; we kissed Charlie Ann good bye and headed to the hospital.

We called our families on the way there.  My mom started crying at the news.  Clearly her brain was in blender mode as well.

At the hospital, I was feeling great.  As in, no-contractions-great.  Also, as in barely-effaced-and-barely-dilated-great.  So we waited for my body to kick into gear.  Jarod and I ate breakfast, had coffee and visited about our week.  But nothing else was happening.

By lunch, they offered to let me go home until evening or I could take a few doses of misoprostol to try to induce labor.  I chose to take the miso and stay at the hospital.  However, Jarod went home and relieved our babysitters for the afternoon.  Meanwhile, I immediately accepted my aunt's offer to drive up from Pennsylvania and stay with Charlie Ann all weekend.  I definitely rested easier.

At 12:45pm, I took the miso, moved out of triage and into a labor and delivery room.  While I waited for contractions to start, I switched between watching the snow fall outside and the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It was rather strange and quiet to sit at the hospital alone.

By 3pm, the contractions were fairly steady.  I wasn't going to need any further doses of miso.  By 4pm, I mentioned the word "epidural", and my observant nurse started the fluids.  At 4:30pm, I called Jarod and said he should get back to the hospital.  By 5pm, I was more than ready for the epidural.  I was having "camelback contractions"(basically no rest between contractions -they come right on top of each other).  Time dragged on while I waited for the epidural.  A little before 6pm, the injection was made and the cold sensation ran down my spine.  The anesthesiologist worked a long time to make sure I was fully numb..  I was not wanting to have a repeat of Charlie Ann's half failed epidural.  By 6:30pm, I was melted into heavenly jelly.  I napped until 9:30pm, when my nurse woke me up to inform me I was fully effaced, fully dilated and ready to push.  What?!  Who wakes up to push out a baby?! I pushed through two contractions, and his head crowned.  They paged the doctor, and kept paging the doctor.  I tried to hold in his head and wait, but he was slowly sliding out (passive descent, they said-- code for "awesome").  They paged the doctor again.  He was coming, ready or not. Some lady came in, and they gave me the green light to finish.  At 10:29pm, on Jarod's birthday, we met our son, Tripp David.

They laid him on my belly and toweled him off.  He didn't cry much.  He just looked around, so peaceful and calm.

Happy Birthday, Jarod.   Happy Birthday, Tripp.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Charlie Ann Turns Two

Time moves too fast.  

Charlie Ann, a few days old.

Charlie Ann, 1st Birthday

And last week, on November 11th, our little girl had her second birthday.
Charlie Ann, 2nd Birthday

It was a low key, family celebration sort of birthday.  And I don't think she minded at all.

We went out for breakfast at a little diner in Pittsford.  Charlie Ann had an M&M pancake, of course.
We opened a few presents at home afterwards and then immediately had cake.  (She was most excited about having a cake and blowing out the candles, out of all the birthday rigamarole) And Mommy made her a yellow and black cake, just as she had insisted upon all week prior.  *Side note, I will probably not ever attempt to make another cake for my darling children's birthdays- I am a miserable cake maker and decorator.* However, she loved her cake.  We sang her "Happy Birthday" and she blew out the candles, just as she had been practicing.  Daddy went to class and the two of us took a little downtime to watch Sesame Street.  When Daddy got home, we finished the presents and took naps.  After nap, Daddy took Charlie Ann on a Daddy-Daughter Date.  It was incredibly sweet to see them both dressed up and both so excited.  When Charlie Ann came home, she was so thrilled that the restaurant had sang her "Happy Birthday" and clapped for her.

Birthday necklace

Birthday Cake -ha! 

New toys

New books

Daddy Daughter Date

It's funny to say this, but I think she really got it.  I think she really got that it was her birthday and that she turned two.  She's a bright little kid, and we did quite a bit of prep work the week before (watching birthday you tube videos, practicing "Happy Birthday", practicing blowing out candles, talking about presents and toys, and holding up two fingers).  On her birthday morning, while she was still in her crib, Jarod and I were telling her that today was the day she turns two, her birthday.  And she calmly replied, "Yeah.  Two.  Cake." And then blows out imaginary candles.  Funny kid.

It's wild how fast a year goes by.  Wild how much a child can change in just a couple of years.  I am so thankful that Charlie Ann is ours, so blessed to be her Mom, and just can't even imagine life without her.  She is a sweet, thoughtful, caring and a gentle little girl.  She is so aware and so helpful and just happy.  Charlie Ann, we love you so much!