Monday, March 19, 2012


A week ago, our little Missy Moo turned 4 months old.  Yippee!  I tell ya what, each day, and subsequently each month, just gets better and better.  A few highlights from her completed third month -

This month Charlie Ann decided one evening that her new bedtime is 7pm.  It literally changed overnight.  Once she falls asleep around that 7pm time, she is lights out.  While this is exciting, it is also somewhat of an inconvenience.  She is still only sleeping about 6-7 hours straight without waking up... so if one does the math... that puts her waking up at 1am/2am.  AND, then she starts her eating-every-three-hour routine..  meaning we are up again 4am/5am.  Ahem, Little Missy, this is no fun for mom to get up twice a night.  I attempted to do that "dream feeding" around 10pm to hopefully squeeze out an extra 3 hours of interrupted sleep.. no bueno.  So now I don't even bother waking her up at 10pm.

Also this month, you have discovered that hands, especially your own hands, are super tasty.   They are CONSTANTLY in your mouth.  And apparently your hands are even tastier if they are coated in slobbery drool.  Mmmm, yummy.

One cute thing you do now is to reach for things.  So now toys have entered the picture.  You are all about those soft books.  You like to hold them and, surprise, put them into your mouth.  They get washed regularly.  Yum, again.  You also are really into board books, especially the black and white ones for babies.  Pretty cute stuff.

Also, another thing that happened this month is that you started losing your hair!  Sad day!!  We like to call it the "reverse friar"...  since it is a pretty sweet ring all the way around :)

4 month clothes sizes are difficult.  You are so long and skinny!!  With certain things that have footies - you definitely need the 6mon (or 9mon!) size.  But with things like onesies, you can still easily wear 0-3mon.  However, some of your long sleeve onesies are getting a tad short on your arms.  One of the good things about being a long and skinny girl, is that those cute little pants can now be cute little capris!

You still wear the size 1 diaper very well.. and those Pamper Swaddlers were made for you, they fit perfectly.

As far as height, I think you have gotten even longer.. I am guessing that you are 26 or 27 inches long by now and as for your weight, I hope that you are at least 13 pounds.  But we will see!  You go in for a check up next week!

At 16 weeks you braved the Great Outdoors for your first camping trip!  You are a GREAT little camper.

Another momentous event... you are enjoying your car seat!  You can fall asleep in it quite regularly (the only other place outside of mom's [and dad's] arms).

You really love your daddy, even if you give him a bit of a hard time when falling asleep for a nap.

You are definitely still a BIG FAN of the paci (or your "sucky thing", as Dad calls it)

And this photo is actually a week after you turned 4 Months.  Looks are deceiving though, you aren't as chubby as you appear.  Darn.

With feeding, you enjoy the "easiness"of a bottle, but are now a bit on the lazy side when it comes to the "work" of nursing.  But we are working through it.  Also, you don't have a set routine for the day.  But it doesn't bother me since I stay at home most days of the week.  We do follow the same rhythm of sleep, eat, play, all day long, and that cycle repeats itself about four times.  But I like being flexible, and I like following your cues if you are tired or hungry or just want Mom.  It definitely works for us.

You are a sweet Baby Girl and we love you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Family Camp Out!

We did it!  First camping trip with Charlie Ann - a success!

However, I will admit that I was having some serious regrets/doubts that first night... I was up every 30 minutes afraid she was either freezing to death (the low was 30 that night) or suffocating in the sleeping bag.  Needless to say, this mama did not get a whole lotta rest [and of course Charlie Ann was sleeping great..]  But by the time the second night came, I had a new plan and it worked great.  She just woke up once to nurse around 4am.  Perfect! (That second plan involved sleeping her in that giant pink puffy snow suit instead--she had warm cheeks all night)

There's a lot of photos... it was a well documented trip - ha.