Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

To My Love -

We have celebrated five Valentine's Days together.  I am lucky.  I am blessed.  Our marriage is strong.  I am strong and you are strong.  But together we are stronger.  Cheers to us.  Cheers to our commitment.  Cheers to our faithfulness.  Cheers to our endurance.  Cheers to grace that was first extended to us, so we can extend it to each other.  Cheers to laughter.  Cheers to living in four states.  Cheers to having a daughter together.  Cheers to following dreams. Cheers for bravery and boldness.  Cheers for hoping.  Cheers to us.

I love you.

South Africa - 2007

South Africa - 2007

Guatemala - 2008

Miami - 2008

Silverton, Colorado - 2008

Telluride, Colorado - 2008

Cabo San Lucas - 2008

Grand Canyon, Arizona - 2009

Durango, Colorado - 2009

Idyllwild, California - 2009

Culver City, California - 2009

Durango, Colorado - 2009

 Durango, Colorado - 2009

La Habra, California - 2010

Branson, Missouri - 2008

Fullerton, California - 2010

Sam's Throne, Arkansas - 2010

Huntington Beach, California - 2010

Zion National Park, Utah - 2010

Yosemite National Park, California - 2012

La Habra, California - 2009

Beverly Hills, California - 2010

Springfield, Missouri - 2010

Brea, California - 2012

Anaheim, California - 2011

Los Angeles, California - 2011

Tulsa, Oklahoma - 2012

Niagara Falls, New York - 2012

Disney Land - Anaheim, California - 2010

Fullerton, California - 2010

LegoLand - San Diego, California - 2011
Wyoming - 2010

Denver, Colorado - 2010

Mt.Whitney - Bishop, California - 2011

Anaheim, California - 2010

Joshua Tree National Park - California - 2010

Yosemite National Park - California 2010

Missouri - 2008

Missouri - 2008

Los Angeles, California - 2010

Catalina Island, California - 2010

Moab, Utah - 2009

Cheers to us.

Monday, February 11, 2013

15 Months and Growing

Fifteen months old.  Oi.  It goes so fast.  Everyone told (tells) me this and, yup, this month the truth of that statement hit me.  She is saying words (a few) and looking so much like a little girl and less and less like a baby.  (Tear)

So here we go Month 15!

We started off the month with a multi-delayed flight from Tulsa, Oklahoma back to New York... and she was awake 19 hours straight.  Let's just say by the end of it, we were both using every ounce of energy we had--Charlie Ann to stay awake, and me to keep my sanity!  Oh for a child that would sleep in a car seat or a stroller or a plane..
 Longing for our plane to come take us home..

We are full steam into winter here, but that's not stopping our outside excursions :)  It was 16 degrees the morning we went to the Public Market.  

She loves it, really. I promise.

To warm up afterwards, we headed to James Brown, a local diner.  Where she drank from a straw for the first time..
Pretty proud.

Charlie Ann is all about doing whatever we do.  She would be 100% content to be held all day.. just so she could be "up" with us and into whatever we are doing.
Hence the sitting on the counter and grinding coffee with Daddy.

 New this month, the blankie obsession.  She has several of those flannel receiving blankets, and she's not particular about one.  Just as long as she has it within close range.  Right now, it's pretty darn cute.  

Eating.. interestingly, Charlie Ann has really slowed down on the eating this month, she's eating much smaller portions and drinking a lot more milk these past few weeks.  I am not sure what that's about... 

 Current food of choice: Cheerios and tangelos!  CA had fish (flounder) for the first time, as well as ritz crackers and mac-n-cheese.  She is adorable eating ritz crackers, holding one with both hands down to the last crumb. 

 I still dont have a walker... Silly girl.  But she loves to push that plane around.
She's growing up too fast!  She's like a full onTODDLER!
This is her determined face.  One of the very few times she initiates standing alone. 

And, oh, the paci.  It's her BFF.  I am seriously dreading the day we stop using it.  

More winter walks.. 25 degrees here.  But we gotta get that Vitamin D when the sun is out!

Charlie Ann is still a book worm, but is slowly becoming more interested in toys.  Her favs this month are Baby E, her tea set and wooden letter blocks.

CA with Daddy after "Nemo".

CA with Mommy after "Nemo".

CA by herself after "Nemo".

In other news, she still sleeps like a champ.  Down for the night by 7pm, up at 7:30am; and napping only in the afternoon around 1pm for at least two to three hours.  And she still gets her morning "rest time" (playtime in the crib for an hour while Mommy has hot coffee uninterrupted).
She is wearing 18mon size clothessize 3 diapers and size 2-3 shoes.

She signs about 10 words, speaks Mama and Dada, points out body parts, and has the best memory ever (also read as: if you do something once, expect her to want you to always do it because she remembers everything!), she blows bubbles in the bath tub and gladly puts her face underwater.   

Until next month..