Thursday, July 22, 2010

Great Grampa

My Great Grampa passed away this past Sunday, shortly after midnight.  The paramedics said it was a massive heart attack.  It was a hard phone call to hear, knowing I am seven states away from all my family. As the week progresses on, and families are gathering from Florida and Pennsylvania and Arkansas and many places in between, I really long to be there with them.

But Grampa lived a full life.  A full ONE HUNDRED years of life, that is.  It's hard to imagine being alive that long and I'm grateful for his many years with us.  He has quite the limb on the family tree with five generations still going strong.  I got to see Grampa this past Christmas.  He looked good in his flannel pj pants, still pretty sharp and telling Jarod to keep me out of trouble.

Gramma said it had been a hard 10 days prior to his passing.  She hadn't slept much, but was taking care of him ceaselessly.  I guess he had fallen a few times already that week and was visited more than once by the paramedics.  I cant even imagine how Gramma is doing.  Being married to him for 78 years, I am sure she feels as though part of herself is truly missing.  I talked to her on the phone this afternoon and she was as quick and cheerful as ever.  Gramma said that he was ready.

The visitation was tonight and the funeral is tomorrow morning.  Great Grampa, you are loved by so many.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Mosaic Bible

Last fall, our friend from Kansas City, Jeremy Collins gave us one of my now, most treasured possessions.  It's the Mosaic Bible:
What I love about this Bible imparticular, is the set of devotionals and guided readings at the beginning.  Now I know that most Bibles have these, however, this one is based completely on the Church Year/Calendar.  Using this Bible liturgically for weekly meditations is a new experience for me.  It is refreshing to have my attention & reading focus on God and his activity in the world, as opposed to one based on the seasonal calendar, which is from the rhythms in nature.

Another thing I love about these weekly readings is the fact that they are indeed, weekly.  There are a handful of pages to read over the week.  The pages include art work, poetry, bits of speeches, quotes, Scripture, etc.  It is an all around way to experience the presence of God.

This a photo inside the Mosiac Bible.  It is a piece of artwork that our friend Jeremy painted.

Also, one last thing I love about this Bible is the fact that if you get confused about what week you are on (Pentecost, Lent, Advent, etc.), you can click on the website and it gives you the reading for that current day.  Brilliant.  To get started with the readings, go here.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catalina Island

Yesterday was definitely Fun Friday.  Our chiropractor/pilot friend flew us to Catalina Island for the day in a little, four-seater, cessna plane.  I was very nervous, as this was my first "little plane" flight, but Mark was an incredible pilot with the smoothest landing & take off skills!  This was also Jarod's first time to land in a little cessna... He had taken off in multiple times in small planes, but had always fallen out mid-flight (aka sky-diving).

Catalina Island is wonderful.  At the airport, I felt like I landed back in Africa - straight desert, complete with cactus, sweltering heat, tile roofs and dirt roads.  As we drove the thirty minute descent into the coastal coves, things got cooler and a bit more modern.  The architecture and aura of the town, Avalon, says 1950's.  This place is unlike anywhere I have been.. tropical, but Spanish with many colored tiles, vintage boardwalks and lines of palms, old fashioned confectionaries and a simple warm vibe.  We spent the day touring and shooting photos.  Enjoy!

If you didn't get enough of our day trip to Catalina Island, go here! (It's our flickr stream of photos)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swim Lessons: What I do

One of my lessons today: me and 18 month old, Jonah.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pics from the Family Visit

Well, we did SO MUCH while Judy and Aimee were here.  We had an absolute BLAST!   I felt totally spoiled...  we are so blessed with such a generous family!  And, unfortunately, it was impossible to document the entire week... so here is just a random bits over the seven days they got to stay with us :)

Aimee hand sewed me this purse!!  It is incredible and I absolutely love it!

Everyone needs a little r&r on a vacation.

Way too much sushi, but so good!

And our sweet server brought us oranges & whip cream for dessert.

THIS is a weird place.. 

One last breakfast before our farewell.

We are so going to miss our Aimee & Judy!!

Climbing in Corona del Mar

Jarod heard of this place to do some climbing/bouldering right on the beach.  So we drove down to Corona del Mar to check it out.  The climbing was mediocre.  It's pretty hard to keep your hands dry and the rock un-sandy... but it made for some cool pics.

Touring the Sights: Hollywood

What's a trip to LA without sightseeing on Hollywood Boulevard?

Shrek & the girls (we had just watched Shrek III that afternoon)

He's famous alright.

This is Christmas in your mouth, hands down the best chai I have ever tasted!!!!

And they agree :)

Cheese! (Notice the large elephant in the back)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Knott's Berry Farm

Since we have moved here, every time we drove on Beach Boulevard, past Knott's Berry Farm, Jarod would ask if I wanted to ride the roller coasters with him.  Well, of course I don't... Well, now that his family is here, Jarod would have a partner (Aimee loves roller coasters).  It worked out well.  Judy and I walked around the park, watched a few corny shows, and watched the brother and sister do their thing.  It was a fun day there. 


We had a little Pink's Hotdog at the entrance of the Park. Yum.

Look at these lovely senoritas we found to pose with us.

CAMP SNOOPY! [This part of the park was for little kids.. but we enjoyed it]

Mr. Red Baron

Linus, Lucy & Charlie [this was also an ultra cheesy kids show - we lasted about 10 min - ha]

Snoopy & Woodstock go camping.

Of course.

Judy & Snoopy

Waiting for the show to start!

Cute show.

While we're doing ice shows, Aimee & Jarod are doing these crazy things!

A $5 dryer - ha - set up at the exits of the water rides.

Jarod and I dead in the coffin - buried together, for all eternity.