Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tripp: Seven months

Seven months old! Too fast, too fast, slow down! 

My sweet little snuggle boy, 7mon and 1day. 

Loves: being held; giving big, open-mouth kisses (kiss in the cave!); mommy; outside; bathtime; chewing on EVERYTHING; being rocked and rolling, rolling, rolling. 

Dislikes: 18+ hour car rides; most solid foods (besides plums and mangos); getting stuck under the furniture while rolling; the Johnny jump up; beards; and being awake past 5pm. 

Foods: I'm not sure what happened, but Tripp up and decided he was over the initial excitement of solid foods. So much so, that the only new foods we tried this month were acorn squash and prunes. Im not sure if it had to do with being sick, teething or what, but one would have thought feeding a spoonful of sweet potatoes was pure torture. The only time of day in the past week that he's been interested in eating anything solid is dinner time. So, I'll probably need to chat with the pediatrician, but this whole milk/dairy allergy is really throwing me for a loop as far as additional food to feed him besides fruits and veggies. And, he also acts as though ALL solids make him uncomfortable and constipated (hence, the daily prunes). 
Mango love

No dairy love. (A closed ziplock bag of cheese touched his face) 

(Sick with a cold and still smiley)

(Sick with a cold and no smiles--he had a temp that bounced between 100-102.7 on most of the drive from NY to Oklahoma) 

"Seriously, Dad?" 

Sleep: sleep is improving, folks! He's doing his 12 hour night sleep with only one wake up (after 10 hours of solid sleep). Yes! Finally. And naps are definitely becoming more predictable in time of day and duration. He's a three-naps-a-day kid, generally at 9am, 11:30am and 2:30pm. Sometimes, he even gives me a fourth nap. Each nap is at least an hour long and the boy seems rested and very happy. I'm so thankful! 
Poolside with Uncle Austin

Just reading the Atlas..

...With my mouth. 

Tricks: he's a rolling machine and is very good at 180 degree turns while belly up. The dude has his father's flexibility; he hates bending at the waist, and rarely likes to "tripod" to practice his sitting skills. He is very skilled at inserting his paci and prefers wrong side in, so as to better scrape off the cute design with his teeth and gums. He is determined and excells at twisting and reaching (and inserting) anything within a 24" radius of himself. He also has discovered his feet and prefers the taste of his left toes. 

Time for the walker to get a second use! Glad I listened to my mom and didn't get the pink one with Charlie Ann. :)

In other news, the boy crossed his first state line! And many state lines, at that. Apparently, Jarod and I have deemed 6 1/2 months as the perfect age for cross country travel (CA was 6 1/2mon old when we drove our UHaul from California to Missouri). We drove to Oklahoma two weeks ago and Tripp (and Charlie Ann) both did well, all things considered. 

Midwest Grandma Love! 

Looking forward to the next month, Little Man. Love you!