Saturday, October 29, 2011

39 weeks

Well, I will have finished 39 weeks of pregnancy tomorrow.  And I think my body proves I am near the end...  belly is HUGE, face is starting to get puffy/ultra-splotchy and my ankles are the size of my knees.  Surely this little girl is ready to come out and join the party!  Well, this momma is ready for her little girl to come out and join the party, that is.

So these were taken last nite, on our way to Buffalo Wild Wings to cheer on the Cardinals in Game 7 of the World Series.  What a fun evening!  AND, I even managed to squeeze (just barely) into my Cardinals tshirt :)  Yay, me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LegoLand California!

Two weekends ago, my sis-in-law and her family came to visit us and do a few sites of Southern California.  We spent three days down in Carlsbad (near San Diego) enjoying LEGOLAND - CALIFORNIA!  

WHAT A BLAST!  Even though I was 36 weeks pregnant, and Aimee was 24 weeks pregnant, we STILL had a fabulous time walking around the park and watching the boys have a good time.  

Aimee, Lance and the boys: Colby & Kyle.

 Me & Jarod - hello 36 weeks!  Bam, look at that belly!

Fun Lego stuff EVERYWHERE!

 Kyle & Lance versus Jarod & Colby for the race to the top.

Life size Lego Tourist.

 FunTown, USA.  The boys' got their Lego Driver's License and cruised around this city.

Jarod and Lance getting all discombobulated on a fun ride.

 LegoLand Waterpark - gettin' a little sun in October :)  --and lookin' pretty big and tired.  Ha.

Friday, October 7, 2011

35 weeks Pregnant!

We had our 35 week ultrasound.  I know these pictures are always difficult to make out, so I labeled to try and help.  They are pictures of only her face.  We think she's pretty cute.

In this first one, her mouth is open and she is sucking on the back of her hand.

This one just basically shows that her eyes are open!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer Slacker - Part 4 {Final Edition!}

Yes.  I am typing a post that has "Summer" in the title in October.  I understand your concerns.  Pregnancy has not warped my brain THAT much.  This is my last summer hoorah, bare with me.

I took a mini, 10 day vacay to the midwest at the end of August.  LOTS of fun was had... visits with all the family, multiple Baby Showers, (not multiple babies, just multiple showers for this one baby), breakfast dates with friends, and a 4 day weekend at the farm.  It was a fabulously relaxing trip.

My sister-in-laws, Aimee & Amy, put together a very fun fondue party with the immediate girl family. And my sweet father-in-law gave us this funny bouquet/centerpiece of "MotherShip beer" {which we all took home to our spouses}, attached to yellow roses and tied with a measuring tape, chilled on ice of course :)

Aimee, Me, Amy - ALL pregnant - ALL due this winter!  How fun is that?!
 Chocolate & Cheese Fondue & Sparkling Pear Cider.  Fun!

Now, to the farm!

 It was SO hot, triple digit heat... which feels like quad digit heat if you're pregnant.  
Time to go down to the river.

Family fun around the fire pit.
Mom, is this "all about changed lives!" Or else?!

 Good shot!

Amy & the dogs and the farmhouse :)


Austin & Amy found out they're having a boy!!  YAY!

Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous time in Missouri!  More pictures of the shower to come :)