Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kiddie Update

My Littles.

Tripp, 15 months:
Expert crawler. 
Nervous stander. 
Fruit, cheese and bread chomper. 
Happy sleeper. 
Car and truck racer. 
Couch climber. 
Cabinet hider. 
Afternoon napper. 
Stairway sneaker. 
Toilet bowl finder. 
Taiga tickler. 
Book reader. 
Marker eater. 
Smile giver. 
Daddy's hat wearer. 
Heart stealer. 

Charlie Ann, 3 1/2 years:
Problem solver.
Self dresser. 
Attentive listener. 
Book reader. 
Let It Go singer. 
Twirling dancer. 
Curious George watcher. 
Daddy lover. 
Outdoor adventurer. 
Rule follower.
Deep feeler. 
Do it myselfer. 
Olive eater. 
In the lines colorer.
Fabulous helper. 
Brother protector. 
Everything pink wearer.
Magazine flipper. 
Perceptive watcher. 
Hotel pool swimmer. 
Fiery leader. 
Tenacious avower. 
Detail rememberer. 
Expert puzzle piecer.
Beautiful inspirer.