Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nineteen Months (and Eighteen Months)

Where has the time gone?  Much has happened in the last two months since my last post.  Mercy.  Not quite sure where to begin.  I will start with the weather.. it has stopped snowing!  I was looking through the pictures of my last post and I remembered that it snowed every morning on our way to swim lessons..  So THAT winter weather is over and we are in full on summer swag!  Thank goodness.  

Also, this will probably be my last post of the monthly updates on Charlie Ann.  Tis time for a new theme.

So on that note..  let's commence.

New Likes: finger painting, crayon coloring, water color painting, throwing balls and chasing them, helping clean up, feeding herself, cuddling on the floor, having her back scratched (she is definitely her father's daughter and goes into a creepy, catatonic-like state mid-scratch), zoos, and playing in the water.

New Dislikes: getting in her high chair (weird?!), transitions (from playing to eating, bath time to bed time, outside to inside, etc.) letting anyone else help her eat, being bored.

New Tricks: blowing her nose in a kleenex (hence, Mom has to always make sure there is one handy, cause she blows regardless...) smiling and showing us her teeth on demand, making an elephant, dog, sheep and rooster sound, calling me "Mimi" and Daddy is "Daddy-da" on her own, climbing up and down the cement step on the back porch alone, running (a few scraped knees in the process), laying on her tummy or back and reading books or putting together puzzles.

Favorite Toy: Melissa and Doug's chunky wooden farm puzzle

Favorite Book: "Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter, board book

Favorite Song: "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk (for kitchen dance parties) and Wheels on the Bus (for motions)

Favorite Food: grapes, dip (!) we have a serious Ranch lover, yogurt, applesauce, anything off Daddy's plate.  And... we said adios to the bottle last month!  The transition was a piece of cake.  Of course it was, Mommy always makes a bigger deal about these things than she does.  

Favorite Past Times: having pretend picnics, petting Taiga, reading with Mommy, taking evening walks before bed, playing outside in the morning while Mom and Dad drink coffee on the patio, flying Daddy's mini helicopter

Size: 23 lbs, size 3 diapers, size 4-5 shoes, size 18-24 mon clothes

Sleep: 12 hours night, 3 hour nap, 1 hour rest time.  There has been a little change these past two months, and that is that she is occasionally taking her long nap in the morning.  It happens at least once a week, if not more.  

Big girl eater! No help from Mommy or Daddy allowed.  

Little Water Color Suzy.

Taiga time.

So, she thought she was a big girl going up and down the brick steps... then she face planted.  Poor thing.

Park in early May (still in fleece)

Warm Days ahead! And green grass.  Airing out those toes.. my little ragamuffin artist.

Little bookworm - loving her Fisher Price "Noah and the Animals" flap book.

Springtime finally.

Walkin' and talkin'

Helping unload the dishes.

Family photo at the Lilac Festival

Pointing at the Sea Lions at the Rochester Zoo

Bath times are always a highlight.

Cousin visit!

Puddle walking 

Cooling off in the hose..

And in the sprinkler

Peek a boo from behind our new fence!

Loving the Sesame Street Exhibit at the Museum of Play

Just hangin' out...

What happens in the kitchen in the mornings..

Silly Sauce at the Buffalo Zoo.

Someone refuses to sleep in her car seat (this is after an all day trip to the zoo, and 1 1/2 hr car ride home) She'd rather be delirious with mom's necklace than sleep.

Working on the "smile on demand" and "show me your teeth" while eating the best toddler food out there, cheese stuffed tortellini.

And the last photo...

As I said at the start.. a LOT has happened in the past two months... more to come later.