Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer Slacker - Part 4 {Final Edition!}

Yes.  I am typing a post that has "Summer" in the title in October.  I understand your concerns.  Pregnancy has not warped my brain THAT much.  This is my last summer hoorah, bare with me.

I took a mini, 10 day vacay to the midwest at the end of August.  LOTS of fun was had... visits with all the family, multiple Baby Showers, (not multiple babies, just multiple showers for this one baby), breakfast dates with friends, and a 4 day weekend at the farm.  It was a fabulously relaxing trip.

My sister-in-laws, Aimee & Amy, put together a very fun fondue party with the immediate girl family. And my sweet father-in-law gave us this funny bouquet/centerpiece of "MotherShip beer" {which we all took home to our spouses}, attached to yellow roses and tied with a measuring tape, chilled on ice of course :)

Aimee, Me, Amy - ALL pregnant - ALL due this winter!  How fun is that?!
 Chocolate & Cheese Fondue & Sparkling Pear Cider.  Fun!

Now, to the farm!

 It was SO hot, triple digit heat... which feels like quad digit heat if you're pregnant.  
Time to go down to the river.

Family fun around the fire pit.
Mom, is this "all about changed lives!" Or else?!

 Good shot!

Amy & the dogs and the farmhouse :)


Austin & Amy found out they're having a boy!!  YAY!

Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous time in Missouri!  More pictures of the shower to come :)

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LittleAnnieK said...

Brooke, you look great! I so wanted to be at your shower, and am so excited for you!