Monday, December 10, 2012

13 Months.. And Counting

I was thinking that after Charlie Ann turned one, I would stop with the monthly updates.  Welp, I don't think I'm stopping... at least not yet.  So, speaking like one gushing mother, Charlie Ann still continues to change so much and so quickly from month to month that I like having a recap of all that has happened.  Crazy how much one can forget..

That being said... onto the thirteenth month!  Charlie Ann's thirteenth month can be summed up in pretty much two words: visitors & teething!  Boy, did we have some great company this past month!  The day after CA turned one, Gabby (Jarod's mom) came to stay for a week to help out while Jarod was out of town.  We had such fun decorating for Christmas and hanging out!
Charlie Ann & Gabby on a walk at Lake Ontario.  

Part of our Christmas handiwork :)

Right after Gabby went home, we had Jarod's Dad and Fiancee here for five days.  Charlie Ann was definitely eating up being the center of attention.

And unfortunately, the day after all of our fun visitors left, Charlie Ann started in with four days of teething madness... immediately followed by one week of being sick.. then another two days of teething.  Mercy! **Then we discovered this aMAzing product called a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace-- it is a MUST have!**

Here is one happy girl on her one good day between teething and being sick.  

Charlie Ann is not walking yet.  She cruises everything about 2 1/2 feet and shorter.  We are getting her to stand alone, she will hold it for about 15 seconds, then sit down and start laughing and clapping.  Silly thing.  And of course she's crawling like a speedy Gonzalez and and climbing on anything, including the stairs.   

We do have a gate installed now at the bottom to prevent the above situation :)

Once she turned one, we started the transition from formula to whole milk.  She made the transition like it was no big thing- atta girl.  She still takes a couple of bottles a day, and I'm not in a hurry to break the bottle drinking.. she still coughs and nearly chokes from her sippy cup and isn't walking yet... so I am deeming her "baby", not yet "toddler".  At this point, I don't see the need to rush away from the bottle...

She is eating everything that Jarod and I eat. (ie, I walked into the kitchen this morning, and both Jarod and Charlie Ann are sitting on the floor eating green olives and cottage cheese.. yup, she eats everything.) 
But it is super handy.  It's SO nice to have one family meal for all of us. 
Out for breakfast before church.

Her sleep has been a discombobulated mess.  Okay, that's an exaggeration.  But it has taken me a while to figure out where her one nap goes in the day.  We have finally landed on about an 11am nap.  She sleeps a couple of hours and still goes to bed around 6:30pm, and sleeps til about 7:45am.
In her nighttime routine we have added brushing teeth (so cute) and blow drying her hair.  She's growing up, people!

Charlie Ann LOVES her Winnie the Pooh Airplane ride on toy.  Right now she is totally content to push all the buttons and open and close the seat to play with the shape sorter.  But it will definitely grow with her as she learns to walk, and eventually ride it.  Seriously, this is a FUN toy and she loves it!

She is also very much into puzzles, the wooden animal ones and the Fisher Price Pet Puzzle (plastic).  

Another thing she is really into, and I am embarrassed to admit, are the Baby Einstein videos.  I know, I know... but when we had ALL those consecutive days of teething and being sick, we needed something- thank you, youtube.  

Another new thing this month is sign language!  She signs for "more", "all-done", "please" and "thank-you".  It is seriously cute.  
I dont really know where she picked this up, but she knows a few body parts! Like eyes, tummy, feet, cheeks, hair... She points when you ask her where they are.
And speaking of pointing, she points to everything, all the time.  She wants to know the name of all thats in her little world.

Charlie Ann is in 12-18 month clothes and we were completely blessed this month with MASSIVE bags of hand-me-downs from our neighbor's granddaughter!  YAY!  She is still wearing size 3 diapers, Pampers cruisers.

Charlie Ann, you are a smart little cookie and bring so many smiles and laughs to your Daddy and I.  We love you, Missy!

Charlie Ann and Mommy

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