Sunday, November 17, 2013

Charlie Ann Turns Two

Time moves too fast.  

Charlie Ann, a few days old.

Charlie Ann, 1st Birthday

And last week, on November 11th, our little girl had her second birthday.
Charlie Ann, 2nd Birthday

It was a low key, family celebration sort of birthday.  And I don't think she minded at all.

We went out for breakfast at a little diner in Pittsford.  Charlie Ann had an M&M pancake, of course.
We opened a few presents at home afterwards and then immediately had cake.  (She was most excited about having a cake and blowing out the candles, out of all the birthday rigamarole) And Mommy made her a yellow and black cake, just as she had insisted upon all week prior.  *Side note, I will probably not ever attempt to make another cake for my darling children's birthdays- I am a miserable cake maker and decorator.* However, she loved her cake.  We sang her "Happy Birthday" and she blew out the candles, just as she had been practicing.  Daddy went to class and the two of us took a little downtime to watch Sesame Street.  When Daddy got home, we finished the presents and took naps.  After nap, Daddy took Charlie Ann on a Daddy-Daughter Date.  It was incredibly sweet to see them both dressed up and both so excited.  When Charlie Ann came home, she was so thrilled that the restaurant had sang her "Happy Birthday" and clapped for her.

Birthday necklace

Birthday Cake -ha! 

New toys

New books

Daddy Daughter Date

It's funny to say this, but I think she really got it.  I think she really got that it was her birthday and that she turned two.  She's a bright little kid, and we did quite a bit of prep work the week before (watching birthday you tube videos, practicing "Happy Birthday", practicing blowing out candles, talking about presents and toys, and holding up two fingers).  On her birthday morning, while she was still in her crib, Jarod and I were telling her that today was the day she turns two, her birthday.  And she calmly replied, "Yeah.  Two.  Cake." And then blows out imaginary candles.  Funny kid.

It's wild how fast a year goes by.  Wild how much a child can change in just a couple of years.  I am so thankful that Charlie Ann is ours, so blessed to be her Mom, and just can't even imagine life without her.  She is a sweet, thoughtful, caring and a gentle little girl.  She is so aware and so helpful and just happy.  Charlie Ann, we love you so much!

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