Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I will be honest to say that I've been a bit touchy and out of sorts since we have arrived back in Southern California. Not to justify myself, but Jarod's been cranky and mildly put out as well. While having this month off from classes, he has been carrying the weight of homemaker tasks, and there's just nothing simple or easy about it. Running errands, buying groceries, carrying groceries through gates and stairs and parking garages, navigating through the city of closed roads and traffic puts one's nerves on edge. I was welcomed back from Christmas Break with a 14 hour work day on Monday.. 8 hours of Drug Intervention at Lassalette Middle School and 6 hours of folding and refolding clothes at Old Navy. I was exhausted at the end of the day and Jarod tried to cheer me up with a RedBox Rental. It was my first time to watch "Forrest Gump". I cried. A lot. It didn't really cheer me up at all. Then today, at Sparks Middle School, I had a near breakdown with 3 of my students (and no, it wasn't the kids who were breaking down, it was me). Jarod picked me up from work with In-N-Out, our 3:30pm dinner. On the drive home, we both had realized our 4 days of negativity was descending into a downward spiral. So, we made a list of all the great things about living in LA. After about 4 minutes of contemplative silence, our list began:
1)no sales tax on food
4)plans are never hindered by weather
5)the beach is 15 mi away
6)$13 pedicures
7)we share a hobby of biking now
8)we have made some really good friends in a very short amount of time
and 9)we live in the same state as the climbing mecca of the world, Yosemite.
Surprisingly, this little positive list has uplifted our spirits. Jarod went to RockCity tonite to climb and I am finishing my book club December read. And I made my mom's Blonde Brownies. Baking always helps me to feel settled somewhere, especially when baking a tried and true and sentimental recipe.

Although now I don't feel as miserable as I had been feeling, I am still a little ho-hum to hear that quiet Branson is having it's 3rd snow day and to think of how at this time last week, I was enjoying coffee by the fireplace with my parents, watching the peaceful snowfall ... and that now I'm back and it's 75 and sunny and sticky and crowded and cramped and overrunning with people and cars and smoggy and dirty and lonely and ugh.. I wanna go home. What's on my list again?


Rachel said...

I've got #10 for you!

You and Jared are getting to learn so much- about each other and how to love the other, about God and His purpose and plan for you.

I know you will be blessed so much in this time!

Love you!

Augusta Cherri said...

I totally agree with Rachel on this one! We moved to the Middle East about 6 weeks after we got married. The distance and the strange, foreign culture, getting pregnant two months later, dealing with scorching 110 degree plus heat, new job arrangements....all those things certainly tested us. But after the first several months, we started to realize that it had really, really brought us closer together. That time of trial was like the refining fire for steel. We both really believe that God used that time to grow us closer to one another and give us a true foundation for our marriage. In some ways, I think us dealing with tough stuff in the beginning has set us up for a smoother ride later on! You're making an investment! I (as Rachel also affirmed) do truly believe that God will bless you both so much during this time; later you will probably look back on this time in your life positively. Hang in there!

Judy and Scott S. said...

dear sweethearts! as i read your text i thought, as any mom would, ahhhh, sure wish they were here and not in that crowded, dirty, beautiful beaches, great climbing area, place! any mom wants her "chicks" safely under her wings and not feeling discomfort. but, as your friends said, and they are smart sensitive friends, you are doing the right thing now. feeling homesick is normal after a person goes "home". you are both strong loving people and making the decision to look at the positives is certainly a good choice. like Bob the Builder says, "can we do it?" YES WE CAN!!! do you think maybe i spend too much time with the grandsons? ha! we love you and are praying for you daily as you walk in love together.....mom and Judy oh! Chris is coming to live with us and attend school here!

Dori said...

We miss you, too, Brooke (& Jarod), but it is so true that you will look back on this time with great fondness when you're old like us :-) To learn to trust/rely upon God and one another is such a marriage builder if you let it be. I also have to agree with you on the "baking in the kitchen" remedy...it always works for me. #11 - Think of all the people (like me) back in Branson wishing they were in your sunny, warm place!! Love ya bunches...hang in there.

BrookeBlog said...


Thank you so very much for your words of encouragement. I think I have read through these comments at least 10 times! Thanks for blessing me from so far away :) -B