Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back in Cali

What a fabulous trip home to the midwest. I cant describe how wonderful it was to be with my family for two whole weeks! Here are highlights from the trip:

-28 hours nonstop driving from LA to Springfield, MO
-Silver Dollar City Christmas Lights!
-FIVE different family Christmases :)
-a day in the woods in Arkansas
-a WHITE Christmas!!
-Apple Pie Concrete from Andy's
-making Mii's at Aimee's
-coffee by the fireplace with Mom & Dad
-Bourne Trilogy with Wescott's
-posing for pictures with EVERYONE in Jingle Jammies
-Nerf dart war with safety goggles
-listening to Zach's stories from the AirForce
-meeting Baby Ada & Baby Zeda & Baby Davey for the first time
-a fabulous robe from my sweet mom-in-law
-"Deal or NoEL Deal"
-Jarod using Judy's Vitamix for the first time
-Taiga making snow angels
-hitting a coyote and denting our car somewhere in between Oklahoma City & Amarillo

I am so thankful for that trip home. I miss you all!


Judy and Scott S. said...

hi there sweet daughter-in-love! what a great description of your fabulous 2 weeks - except for the car/coyote thing! that was NOT a good thing but now you car probably looks like all the cars in LA! and that is a plus, huh? there are no words in my mind either that would successfully describe how wonderful it was to see you kids. we had the most wonderful Christmas!!! love my jingle jammies and socks! are we all love and miss you and Jarod!

Judy and Scott S. said...

odd last sentence! :-o