Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Week's Update

A blurb from the past week at the Sickler Homestead:

Friday - At LAX, we picked up our friends from Camp Kivu in Colorado, Luke & Tamara. L & T are old work buddies from Kamp. We gave them the grand tour loop of LA ( LAX to Santa Monica Pier to Beverly Hills to Hollywood and back to home). We ate In-n-Out :) and had our pictures taken with a few "stars" as well as Shrek and Michael Jackson, who were cruisin' the Boulevard. I also had THE BEST chai latte ever that night. Mmmm.

Saturday - Had breakfast at the LAX Hilton with more Camp Kivu friends. We also got to spend the day seeing a lot of staff & campers fly in for their Spring Break Missions trip. After leaving the airport, Jarod and I had a WONDERFUL dinner out at Macaroni Grill!! Thank you, Mom-in-Law for that treat :)

Sunday - a day of rest. Working on my tan while reading by the pool.

Monday - I nearly killed Taiga. I guess when I mixed her raw egg in with her dry food, it was a bad egg. :( Poor thing, she was pretty miserable when I got home from work. But some cooked chicken and brown rice, along with a good puke cured her by the next day.

Tuesday - At my Talbot Wives group, our speaker spoke on finances. It was depressing.

Wednesday - In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, I worked 13 hours. Bleh. Not a fun day.

Thursday - While driving to work this morning, my to go mug of tea flew and flipped out of the cup holder of my car and landed in breakfast on the passenger seat, splattering yogurt and blueberries and walnuts all over the inside of my car.

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Judy and Scott S. said...

wow sweetheart! sounds like you had a mixture of good and not so good days....or at least part of the week.....maybe what you need, like taiga, is a good puke to get rid of all that bad stuff,ie, long day at work, finance seminar (that is a tough one!!!), tea everywhere except where it should have been...soothing my precious daughter-in-love's senses....okay then, so maybe a good puke isn't a good idea! have i told you i am so proud of you lately? well, i am!!! you are a strong, wise, loving woman and i thank God all the time for is Friday now! have a great weekend and i love you dearly dear brooke!!! mom-in-law