Monday, November 15, 2010

Girls Weekend in Dallas

What a FABULOUS time with the girls in Dallas Texas this past weekend.  I had a nice, four day weekend (thank you, Veterans) holiday, and took advantage of a break from Los Angeles and some quality time with my best-ies.
It seems to have become a yearly tradition of reuniting with my college roommates in the fall (Dallas '08, LA '09, Dallas '10)... It is always, ALWAYS wonderful and this year did not fail to disappoint.  It was four days and four nites of shopping, chatting, consoling babies, watching movies, crying, laughing, reminiscing, cooking and many, many, many hugs.  
These girls have been through thick and thin with me.  I can not express how their friendship has affected and formed me into a better woman.  
I love you, 2WL!!
AND... added bonus to THIS Girls Weekend 2010 -Life-long pal of mine, sister of Megan and family friend of Barbie --- SARA CLARK!  Yay, Sara!  It was so great to have you and Baby Jeriah to help celebrate friendship this past weekend.

A Blast from the Past:
{Summer 2005}

{St Patty's Day 2006}

{Baywatch 2004}

{Ashcroft Roomies 2WL 2003}

{Ashcroft Roomies 2WL 2003}

{Lake Day 2003}

{Barbie's Wedding 2005}

{Summer 2007}

{Megan's Wedding 2007}

{My Wedding 2008}

{Summer 2008}

{Summer 2008}

{Girls Weekend 2009}

{Girls Weekend 2008}

If you're wondering where the pics are from Girls Weekend 2010 - whelp, with all of the happenings mentioned above, the one thing that did NOT happen was photographs!!  Shame on us!  We were just so busy enjoying, enjoying, enjoying, that we didnt shoot a single shot.. Good grief.  Just have to run on memories til Girls Weekend 2011.  Until then, I LOVE YOU GIRLS!


Megs said...

What a sweet recap! Thanks, B! I love you : )

Anonymous said...

I loved this post Brooke! I love the year by year photos! What a precious gift to have such wonderful friends who have been a part of your life for so long. What a gift best friends are! Love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! This is a great post! I think we got a few photos but of the babies!!!! I can't believe that is me at the lake!!! Picture is kinda blurry, must have been my better days w/trainer Mr. Nick Sharp. Thanks B, it has been fun and real.