Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Back to "Me" Again

About a month ago, I was beginning to wonder if I could truly handle being pregnant (although it's not like you can exactly smack the "quit" button and eject yourself off the ride).   I was having some SERIOUS doubts and some serious self talks on a regular basis...  Never in my life had I felt so bad for so long.  Nothing was bringing relief.  I tried every trick in the book, old wives tales, friend's suggestions, my doctor's advise...  But the sad, bad truth was I just needed to wait it out.  I remember going to bed and thinking, "Whelp, guess I'll wake up sick again tomorrow."

So from week 6 to week 15, my life looked like this:

  • 6:30am- wake up (not take shower, since heat from hot water made for extra nauseousness in the morning)
  • 6:35am- sip milk, while sitting on couch
  • 6:55am- try to make self look presentable
  • 7:30am- commute to La Puente for work, keeping heat on and windows rolled down for fresh air
  • 8:00am- eat crackers
  • 8:30am- see first student
  • 9:00am- eat more crackers, see more students
  • 12:00pm- lunch break = lying down in my car, sipping Gatorade and eating crackers
  • 12:45pm- see more students 
  • 1:30pm- eat crackers, see students, suck on Jolly Rancher suckers
  • 3:00pm- commute home, blasting air-conditioning with rolled down windows
  • 3:30pm- change into sweatpants, lie on couch, eat crackers, sleep
  • 6:00pm- talk to Jarod while still lying on couch, have another sucker
  • 6:30pm- pysche self up for shower
  • 7:00pm- eat more crackers, gag on prenatal vitamin, climb in bed
  • 7:30pm- watch reruns of Simpsons and the Office on Hulu.com, while "enjoying" another Jolly Rancher sucker
  • 9:30pm- fall asleep, with sleeve of crackers near pillow 
  • 11:00pm+ - wake up multiple times in the nite, sometimes to pee, but mostly because I was uncomfortable, hot, nauseas, hungry or cold 
I bought Saltines in the large boxes from Sam's.  I was hungry, yet grossed out by food.  I wanted crackers (obviously), french fries, biscuits and milk.  Mix in a few popsicles and suckers, and that was my healthy first trimester diet.

My doctor was not pleased with me around week 10.  I was losing weight, dehydrated, tired and he even said I looked bad.  Imagine that.  He prescribed Zofran.  I would love to say that I could pop a Zofran and I was queen bee again... but not so much.  At times it helped, but most times, I couldn't even tell.  My doctor said I must be on the tail end of my morning all day sickness.  Uh huh.

Week 14 - STILL SICK!  I was for sure I was one of the "few" that would be sick the entire nine months.

However, something magical happened the beginning of week 15, I woke up and did not have that bad taste in my mouth like I was going to puke!  It was a miracle.  I ate a normal breakfast, I showered, we went to church, I enjoyed the car ride to Newport Beach, we shopped at REI, I was up and walking about, ENJOYING LIFE!  No afternoon nap for me, instead I organized my closet, washed Taiga's bedding, lysoled her kennel, vacuumed behind her kennel and febreezed the crap out of everywhere she is (I love having superhuman smelling powers)...  I felt like a new woman!!

I am now on Nausea Free Day Four.  Hooray!  I am feeling like my old self again, cooking dinner, exercising the dog and smiling.  I can honestly say I am enjoying being pregnant now, and getting excited to meet our baby.

I would like to add a plug for my husband now.   That man has more patience, compassion and understanding in his little finger than I do in my whole body.  I would be crying on the couch, so frustrated and self-consumed that I couldn't "do" anything helpful...  and he would tell me to just lie down and rest.. and then bring me Chic-Fil-A fries and red boxes.  For over two months, Jarod managed to keep our place in order, take care of all a dog's needs in the city, baby me, fix his own meals (even if I made him open all the doors and turn on the fans when he made curry stir fry- gag!!) and make A's on all his assignments.   How did he do that?  He's just that incredible.  And well, he did say that he did get me into this mess and being responsible, he would assist as much as possible  :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Brooke!!! I love hearing how things are going and I am so, so glad you are feeling better! :) Love you!

Carissa said...

soooo happy you are feeling better brooke!!!

the joneses said...

phew, that sounded like a double whammy of a first trimester! happy that you feel like yourself and can eat more than enormous amounts of saltines. way to go super-husband jarod!