Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Russian Submarine

My father in law, Scott, has been in the area the past two weeks on business.  So, Jarod and I have been making a few commutes down to Long Beach for nice dinners and some hang out time. 

Last weekend, we walked to the waterfront and toured a 1950's Russian Submarine.  Scott spent several years in the Navy on submarines and why not go on a tour, when you have an expert on hand?!  Crazy to think how many men they squeezed onto this boat - pretty tight quarters!  And besides Scott sticking his foot in his mouth and insulting a Russian tourist, it was a good tour :)  Haha. 

The Russian Sub in the Long Beach Harbor

Jarod & Scott in the torpedo launcher room (I'm sure that's what the Navy calls it)

Us in the torpedo launcher room. 

I'm not sure why that big grey bar is at the bottom of our photo... I feel like it should be scrolling with breaking news headlines or something.

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