Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Charlie Ann - Month Two Recap

Week 9
Out to Redondo Beach to meet one of Dad's climbing friends for dinner. 

I am also a big fan of going on morning walks to Starbucks with Mom and my dog.  I really like Mom's carrier, especially now that she bought me a sunhat so I can look at the palm trees without squinting. 

I am smiling back at Mom and Dad (and sometimes to other people), especially right after I wake up.  I also have found my voice and love to tell Mom stories.  

Week 10
I enjoy my tummy time more than ever, especially on mom's bed.  

Also this week, I got to meet my new friend, Hudson.  Our Mom's talked a lot about how much they love us, especially when we wake up all night wanting to be cuddled.

My friend Gretchen gave me her play mat.  I absolutely love it!  I could lay under it for hours.

I got to take my first big girl bath!  It is probably the most fun part of my day.  If it were up to me, I would like to take four baths a day, one before every nap.  Bath time is just so fun cause I get to kick and splash and look at myself in the mirror.  Then I am so tired and warm, I fall right to sleep.

Mom got me a little lady bug to look at while i ride in the car.  Now I like my car seat a whole lot more.

Week 11
All dressed up to go to dinner in Long Beach.  I look like toy doll for sale!  

The whole family spent a nice hot day at Huntington Dog Beach.  It was so warm and sunny, and so fun.  

Week 12
I had my first appointment with my new pediatrician.  She was so sweet to me.  She said I am very skinny, only 9lb 9oz, but I am very long, 24 1/2 in!  But she wasn't worried.  I also got 3 shots and a liquid vaccine.  I cried quite a bit, but calmed down quickly.  For the next three days, I slept a lot!  I am also a big fan of infant's tylenol.  It helped so much.

Mom went back to work this week, but thankfully it's only two days a week.  And those two days when she is gone, I get to spend all day with Dad.  I was pretty upset when Dad tried to feed me with a bottle.  I was so mad about it, I decided to take a nap instead of eat.  But when lunchtime came around, the bottle sounded like a good idea.  I am very good girl for Dad.

I am finally in size 1 diapers.  I still easily fit in newborns, but Mom is ready to start using the 8 boxes of 1's we already have.  Let me tell you, I love having the top of my diapers in my armpits.  I am long enough for my 0-3 months clothes, but I definitely have room for two of me in width.   So many of my older friends have been giving me their clothes cause they are growing out of them, I just keep hoping one day I can wear them!

I am getting a lot better at sleeping on my own during the day.  I used to have to be held to take any kind of daytime nap.  But now, if I sleep on my side, wedged between two warm pillows, I am good to go!  

I also like to be home at nite.  Unfortunately, Mom and Dad still tote me around everywhere past 6:30pm.  I like to look around and take in all the sights, so it's very hard for me to go to sleep with all this newness happening! 

And now on to fun stuff of being a 3 month old...   


kate fried said...

brooke, this baby you guys made, she's adorable. downright cute. i don't know if anyone's told you that yet, so i wanted to make sure it was said at least once.
just kidding, i'm sure you hear it once a day, probably even once an hour, if you're out & about...
i especially think her eyes are beautiful. nice job.

Megs said...

Oh my goodness, what a little sweetheart!! I love her smiles you caught in the pictures! Way to document and thanks for sharing with us that are far away. Love you!

BrookeS said...

Thanks girls :)