Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stuff for Nursing Moms

*****If you are not a nursing mom, this is going to be WAY boring and probably WAY to much information.  You're warned!  Read at your own risk!*****

Oh, nursing.  I really thought I crossed that bridge a while back... I mean, I finally stopped cringing, stamping my feet and holding my breath the first 30 seconds after she latched on.  I was no longer blistered and I wasn't bleeding or cracking.  I could take a shower and actually enjoy it.  I had conquered the awkwardness of nursing pads, nursing tanks and nursing bras.   I could nurse evasively in public.   I thought I was in the clear of everything about nursing.  

Wrong.  About 3 1/2 months into things, I started to think I was not making enough milk.  Boo.  Because I am committed- downright, wholeheartedly, two feet in -committed to exclusively breastfeeding until Little Miss is 6 months old.  (And I'd still like to make it to her first birthday).  So this is quite the point of frustration for me.  I have been back at work for 3 weeks now.  And I am pumping away, trying to make extra to feed her, and yet still keep her belly full daily.  This is a challenge.  I have added in extra "feedings" (also known as pumping) after she goes to bed at nite.. or I get up at some ridiculous hour in the early a.m., to stagger into the kitchen and "swish-suck-swish-suck-swish-suck" for 15 minutes.  And it's sad.  I get a few drops.  Okay, I get more than that, but I really only do get a few ounces.  Quite discouraging.   Because it takes me at least two pumpings to make enough milk for one bottle feeding.  I'm no math whiz, but that clearly isn't good.  

Thankfully, I have lots of support.  Lots of moms have offered their tips and hints.  And it's been SO GREAT.  

Unfortunately, I have a kicker.  Here it is.  Charlie Ann is now not seeming full after a regular nursing session with me.  She gets mad and frustrated and cries and arches her back and wants more.  Well, kiddo, I'm all out.  This is no bueno.  So I have been using some of my stock pile in the freezer for an additional "dessert" for CA.  Sometimes she just wants an extra ounce and two.  And sometimes, like yesterday, she gulped down 5 more ounces.  What?!  So now, I am really nervous about not making enough milk.  I dont know if you can "over feed" on breastmilk or not.. but my little munchie is quite on the small side..  (she just hit 12 pounds and she's 3 1/2 mon old) so I'm not really thinking she's being a little porker, I do think she is genuinely hungry.  I'm hoping its a growth spurt.

Meanwhile, to help (at least ease my conscience) I made these tonight: 

and read this article - I started taking fenugreek capsules about a month ago.  Unfortunately they made me incredibly dizzy and lightheaded.  So those are out.  I have however, picked up this tincture: I just started it yesterday, so the verdict is still out on it's effectiveness.  I do know that a nursing mom needs extra "good" calories (and let me tell you, it's hard not to want to count and cut every one, post-pregnancy) so I made a "fortified" banana bread the other day [packed with bananas, whole wheat flour, flax, yogurt, walnuts, etc.] and cut them into portion sizes and froze them.  Now, I can just take out on, set it on the counter and then I have a great breakfast with zero effort.  

On that note, it's time for a "feeding".  Swish-suck-swish-suck.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brooke! It's Lisa Detig here (worked w/ you in Branson). I had a baby in Oct and have found someting to help my supply so I thought I'd share. Blessed Thistle has worked wonders for me. When I started taking it w/ Fenugreek my supply nearly doubled! I had tried Fenugreek before and didn't see results until I added Blessed Thistle. It took about 3 days to see the effect. Just thought I'd share! Congrats on your little one!

BrookeS said...

Lisa!! So good to hear from you :) Yay for your baby!! And thanks for the tip about the Blessed Thistle. I checked the bottle of MotherLove drops Im taking and it has both fenugreek and the blessed thistle in it. And I've only been taking it two days, but I am already noticing a major increase! I got up at 2 am this morning and pumped 6 ounces!! YAY! I've also started eating oats for breakfast every morning too. Thanks again and SO good to hear from you. Stay in touch!