Wednesday, July 18, 2012

30 Before 30

I turn the fat 3 0 thirty days from today, on August 18th.  A friend of mine is doing a "30 Before 30" challenge, and I liked the idea.  So here we go.  Thirty things I have never done :

1. Bake a homemade triple layer cake.

2. Drink a shot of espresso.

3. Watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics.

4. Bike the Frisco Highline Trail - 70 miles.

5. Watch the "Babies" Documentary.

6. Enjoy a candle lit dinner with the Hubs.

7. Read "Emma" by Jane Austen.

8. Watch the movie "Jaws".

9. Sew a cloth flag-banner for Charlie Ann's room.

10. Wear galoshes. 

11. Wear red lipstick in public.

12. Get a facial.

13. Paint alphabet letters for a friend's new baby.

14. Make mango salsa.

15. Write a love poem.

16. French braid my own hair.

17. Take Charlie Ann and Jarod to the farm (my grandparents old house).

18. Paint a live park scene on sight.

19. Throw change in a fountain.

20. Write myself a letter to read when I turn 31.

21. Make homemade peach ice cream.

22. Say "hello" in 30 languages.

23. Bird watch.

24. Tour the Smallin Civil War Cave.

25. Play Gin Rummy.

26. Paint using watercolors.

27. Use the nice camera to photograph my "30 Before 30".

28. Knit a scarf.

29. Make an origami bird.

30. Buy and read a People Magazine.

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