Friday, July 20, 2012

8 Months

Charlie Ann has loved spending her last month with all the grandparents and aunties and uncles and cousins here in the Midwest.  She is definitely getting spoiled... in a good way!

Charlie Ann - 8 Month Recap

First, the important stuff.  I dont know for sure, but I think you weigh about 15 pounds.  Yeah buddy!  You have almost doubled your birth weight :)  You are wearing size 6-9 month clothing straight across the board.  You are in size 2 diapers.

Your new foods this month are: zucchini, summer squash, black eyed peas, carrots, nectarines and cooked egg yolks.  Your favorites are nectarines and yellow squash.  

Mom completely stopped pumping at about 7 1/2 months.  So you are exclusively formula fed and you LOVE IT.  You actually seem to react better to formula, than to my milk.  No gas pains, no spit up, consistent messy diapers... you are on a roll with that Similac Advantage!   Although it was hard to let go of, Mom has no regrets about stopping breast milk.  You are a better baby all around!!

Also, at 7 1/2 months, when Mom and Dad were in New York, you started sleeping 12 hours SOLID throughout the night.  No waking up for a paci check and an early morning feeding.  Thank you, Grandma!!  And because of the time change, you sleep uninterrupted from 8pm to 8am.  Mom and Dad are thrilled beyond words.

This month you got your first TWO TEETH!  You cut your bottom two with very little fussiness.  Way to go, Missy.

This month you really became a CHAMP at sitting up.  You could do it last month, but you are really developing some core strength (thanks Uncle Austin for trying to push CA over while sitting to see just how good her balance really is). 

You have a funny little monster voice that is pretty raspy.  We don't hear a lot of sweet cooing from you, except for the first 5 minutes after you wake up.  Other than that, it is a lot of loud demands and squealing :)  We think you are going to be a rough and tumbler.  When we play sweetly with you, you look bored.  But throw you, roll you and toss you in the air, and you are all smiles! You are not much of a laugher, but are pretty serious and most of the time stoic (unless you are being an acrobat for us).  When you do laugh, you sound like Marge Simpson. You examine all your toys over and over and over again, by twisting your wrists and bringing them closer and further away from your face. 

You are very, very aware of what is happening around you.  But thats no surprise, you have been since Day 1! We like to reference your bionic ears, you hear everything from a garbage truck three streets away to a cough in another room.  You are always curious about every noise.  

Another funny thing you do is, what we like to refer to as, your SUPERPOWERS. When you are very excited or frustrated or overstimulated, you tense up your face, turn red, clench your fists and let out a loud 'eeeeeeeeee!' sound.  It looks like you are trying to turn into a puff of smoke or vanish before our very eyes.  You usually smile and laugh afterwards or maybe that's because we are laughing and smiling at you. 

Aunt Zoozanne taught you how to wave and it is VERY cute.  You like to combine waving with making raspberries on your left arm.  It is very funny.  You very much like to hear yourself make noise.

This month your favorite toys are: a vegetable leek from IKEA and your baby doll with the opening and closing eyes.  Your favorite books are "This Little Piggy with a Piggy Finger Puppet" and "Polar Bear, Polar Bear" by Eric Carlisle. 

Now onto some pictures!

Your balancing trick on the way to see relatives in Kansas.

Not your finest moment... a major, MAJOR messy diaper explosion en route to Pops house in Oklahoma.  We had to change and clean everything out on the side of the road. 

Saying hello to Uncle Austin before the Color Run Race in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our clean little family June 23, 2012.

Post Color Run, our messy little family, June 23, 2012.

Charlie Ann with Grandpa and Grandma, post race.

We have spent a lot of afternoons at Grandma's pool.  I think every day has been 100+ degrees here in Missouri.  H O T.
What we do in the pool.

Happy Fourth of July!

Just relaxing, watching Grandma clean outside.

Cousins!  Charlie Ann and Asher (10 weeks apart)

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