Monday, August 13, 2012

9 Months Old!

Over the weekend, Charlie Ann celebrated her 3/4 birthday--the 9 Month Milestone.  Hooray for a healthy, happy nine month old baby girl.  We are blessed.

The basics:

Food - New solids this past month include cottage cheese, watermelon, oats, plain yogurt, apples, asparagus, green beans and mangos.  I also had to buy your first commercial baby food for our trip to Idaho.  I can say with authority that I LOVE to make your baby food instead of buying it.  You are an excellent eater.  No matter what combo I mix together, you chow down.  I am so thankful for that! Right now you have four 7oz. bottles of formula a day plus two solid meals.  You eat about 3/4 cup of solids at each feeding.  Such a big girl :)

Sleep - You take a two hour (or more) nap twice a day.  And sleep 12-13 hours at night, uninterrupted.  I never thought I would be able to type those last two sentences.  We are so happy you are such a good sleeper.  It is even to the point where we feed you, put your paci in, wrap you up in a blankie and tell you night night.  And you fall asleep all by yourself in your own bed.  These are amazing times!

Play - you are very interested in your toys and like to examine the back, front and sides of everything before you put it in your mouth.  Your favorite toy this month is an Eric Carlisle lady bug and your favorite book is "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" You are not yet crawling, but roll, twist, pivot, push and scoot towards anything you find interesting.  You push up high on your hands and toes, but wont yet pull your knees under you.

Clothes - Pretty much size 9 months across the board... and still wearing those size 2 Pampers.

This month started out with a weekend trip to the lake.  You look good in that purple life jacket!

Our lake cabin had a tiny sink for your bath.

And your sported some sweet outfits over the weekend.

Grandpa has been in and out of the hospital all summer, so we have been making visits to see him.

You can hold your own bottle now!  Awesome!

You got a walker this month and it is a pretty fun place for you to play.

Mom found you a Curious George monkey... you were very curious about it indeed.  

No more riding in the carseat while going for a walk.  You are such a big girl now to sit upright in the stroller!

We have gad LOTS of swim time in Grandma's pool this summer.  SO FUN.


We finally got to see Daddy!  He had been gone for over two weeks this past month.  We met up at the Kansas City airport to catch a flight together to north Idaho.  Speaking of flying... you did AWESOME on some really long travel days.  Phew.  

Looking pretty sleepy, but no melt down on the plane rides.

Rested up and in Idaho - enjoying a day at the Silver Wood amusement park.

Big girl bottle holder :)

I love every one of these faces.  The bottom right is you watching Banana Phone.  It's like seriously your favorite.

Cousin Time in Idaho.

Learning to clap in the Spokane, Washington Airport.  Dad takes such good care of you.

This is you happily waiting to board our flight home in Denver.   

We love you, Missy!

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