Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Months

Ten months?  This means we are too, too near Charlie Ann's first birthday.  How in the world does time move so fast?

This past month has been kinda sporadic, full of ups and downs, traveling and family/friend visits.  I didn't take as many photos either :(.  Charlie Ann is not one to sit still long, so I have to snag opportune times to make photo memories (unlike when she was smaller, and would just lay still :)

Food:  I am still making all of Charlie Ann's baby food and I love it.  It is one of my most favorite jobs as a mom.  And one of these days I will blog about the fun process...  Meanwhile, the new foods she had this month were: broccoli, cauliflower, plums, tahini butter, spinach, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, Cheerios, pineapple and green peas.  Charlie Ann is definitely a little cheese head, as she loves cheese the most.  This month we started finger foods.. breaking off little bits and putting them on the tray.  She is surprisingly pretty good at her little pincer grasp.

First taste of Cheerios!

Sleep: Charlie Ann gets another gold medal for sleeping this month.  She does two, two hour (or more) naps a day, and still the 12-13 hours at night.  I think that I am noticing a trend in the last week, however.  It seems that her morning nap is growing shorter, and her afternoon is lengthening.  Wondering if this is part of the move to losing that morning nap?  Also, this is embarrassing.. I finally stopped swaddling this month :/ I know, I know.  It wasn't tight, more to keep her in a warm blanket than anything.  But I switched to a darling little sleep sack from A&A that has made the transition super easy.  
(After a nap)

Play: Charlie Ann is a very busy, busy girl.  She has one giant toy (Learning Home Playset) by Fisher Price that she adores.  I could probably toss everything else and she would be fine.  Ha. 

Charlie Ann is also really into her Ikea Stacking Cups (especially at the pool) and books.  Wow, you could read to her ALL day.  Her favorite book this month is the California 5 book (baby feliz) that EVERY new baby in California gets.  It's in Spanish and English and it's about puppies.  It's a touch and feel book.  She is thrilled with it and likes to turn the pages by herself. 
(In this picture you can see the Puppy book and her Stackers)

Clothes: She is growing, growing, growing.  Charlie Ann can fit in a few select 9 month things (given the style and brand), but it's much safer to say she is in 12mon clothes all around.  Hence, the swimming photo below.  I could no long stretch that little 6-9mon swimsuit up and over her shoulders any longer.. so she swam in a onesie :)  We also moved to size 3 Pampers.  Although, they are too big still.  We could probably squeeze a few more weeks out of 2's.. but oh well :)

This is just a funny photo from the pool over Labor Day Weekend.  These photos were probably a minute and a half apart.  And during that short time span we crossed into the "late for nap" realm.  Oops.

Charlie Ann and I are still in Missouri for another few weeks while we wait for our house to close in New York.  We had an outing with Grandma to the Farmer's Market over the weekend.

A little cousin time with AJ.. and playing dress up with the babies...

 This is how to keep a child that is crawling, but not yet pulling up contained:

 Charlie Ann and I have really missed Daddy this month and cant wait to celebrate her 11th month with him!  

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ericajmarshall said...

Ahh. Loved this post! CA is a doll and it's fun to see ahead to the future of things Eli will do. :)
So are you guys planning to be in NY permanently? I'm guessing so since you're buying a house?
And I loved CA's little Patagonia fleece vest. Super cute.