Tuesday, September 11, 2012

30 Before 30 Follow Up

Here we go.  The original list.  And the results.  I think I'd give myself a B-... 

1. Bake a homemade triple layer cake. YES! Three lemon layers with lemon icing.

2. Drink a shot of espresso. YES! Okay, I managed three good sips.  But, Jarod was still proud.

3. Watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics. YES!  I had them DVR-ed, so I watched a few days late.  But it happened.

4. Bike the Frisco Highline Trail - 70 miles. No :(

5. Watch the "Babies" Documentary. YES!  I am still in shock over this.

6. Enjoy a candle lit dinner with the Hubs. No :(  Hopefully this happens soon, seriously.

7. Read "Emma" by Jane Austen. Yes.  Sort of.  I bought the book, and am still reading it.. not yet finished.

8. Watch the movie "Jaws". Yes!! I really liked it... except that ending scene of man vs. fish got a little long.

9. Sew a cloth flag-banner for Charlie Ann's room. No.  Darn it.

10. Wear galoshes. No.  It never rained... (excuse)

11. Wear red lipstick in public. No. 

12. Get a facial. YES! I did this little one with friends... then my sweet husband got me the real deal for my birthday.. wow, spa day.  AWESOME.

13. Paint alphabet letters for a friend's new baby. No.

14. Make mango salsa. Yup!

15. Write a love poem. No.. wrote a love letter.. does that count?

16. French braid my own hair. Yes!  And I was even feeling snappy about it, so I did both sides.  Impressive.

17. Take Charlie Ann and Jarod to the farm (my grandparents old house). No :(

18. Paint a live park scene on sight. No.

19. Throw change in a fountain. No! So easy... was even driving by that big fountain in Chicago and told Jarod we needed stop for such this occasion, but then we got distracted by an air show and looking for parking.  Shame.

20. Write myself a letter to read when I turn 31. No.  

21. Make homemade peach ice cream. No.

22. Say "hello" in 30 languages. Yes! Bonjour!

23. Bird watch. Yes!

24. Tour the Smallin Civil War Cave. No.

25. Play Gin Rummy. No.

26. Paint using watercolors. No.

27. Use the nice camera to photograph my "30 Before 30". Kind of... 

28. Knit a scarf. No.

29. Make an origami bird. Nope.

30. Buy and read a People Magazine. Yes!

Uh oh.  I only managed 12 out of 30.  So sad.  Better start on my 31 before 31 soon!

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