Sunday, October 28, 2012


We are finally here, folks!  And what a venture it was trekking from Southern Cal to upstate New York.. like a three month ordeal venture.  We had a couple of months based out of our parents' homes in Missouri, a few trips to New York to try to buy a home, my solo time in Missouri while Jarod lived in a tent/hotel/futon/car for six weeks in New York while waiting for our house to close... But we are here at last.  And here in a beautiful 1941 home and together as a family.  Happy sigh.

A few photos of Autumn in New York (courtesy of a weekend trip to Graves Farm--thanks cousin Cheryl for spontaneously hosting us at your beautiful place!)


ericajmarshall said...

so glad you all are finally settled and together! would love to see more pictures of your sweet house. :) love all the puffy coats.

kate fried said...

i clicked on 'comment' with 3 comments. erica already said 2 of them, so here's #3: that foggy farm picture is so beautiful! as are all the farm pictures...
and i might as well reiterate - house pictures!! and puffy coats!!!

Lucy said...

It's me, Lucy, your neighbor from la Habra. I never got to say good bye :(
Gilbert and I are getting married on Charlie's birthday. Finally. Would love to keep in touch with you. I just googled your name and found your blog.
Write me to your old address #5
Don't want to post me info.
Hope to hear from you soon!!!!!