Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tripp: One Month Old

Our Baby Boy celebrated his one month birthday yesterday (ok, so I started this post a while back). I think time goes by doubly fast with the second one because I'm pretty sure I was just pregnant like yesterday...

It has been great getting to know our little guy. Here's a little on what we have learned, and a brief recap of the first month. 

Tripp's stats: 8lb12oz and 21in (at two weeks old)

Eating: a nursing fool! Exclusively breastfed, and loving it. He is a natural, I'm so thankful. I decided to nurse "on demand" as opposed to a schedule, and it is working so well. Nursing this go round is a complete success for both parties, I am so grateful!! 

Sleeping: he is doing his typical newborn thing- sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. He loves to be held during naptime, but also does well snuggled on the couch or mom and dads bed. And, oh my goodness, he is SUCH a snuggler!! His favorite way to be held for naps is upright, head nuzzled on the shoulder in the crook of your neck or upright, with his head buried face down in your chest. It's completely adorable and I'm trying to savor all of it! 

Tid Bits: Tripp's belly button has finally healed up! The poor little guy would cry and cry during diaper changes, and I was sure it was because of the poor diaper rubbing that scab :( 

Tripp's circumcision has also healed up perfectly, and much quicker than his belly button. Needless to say, diaper changes are now tear free and much quieter. 

We love simethicone drops (gas drops)! This is really the only thing that causes this little guy much trouble, stupid gas! But after a few drops, he melts into butter and is sawing logs.

Tripp is not a huge fan of the swaddle. He likes to sleep with free arms, and doesn't seem to wake himself up, so we are rolling with it for now.  

Poor little guy is in the thick of the baby acne, but if it's like his sister's, it'll be done soon.  

All in all, I am amazed we have another child. I am dually amazed at how easy it can be to have a newborn. I am so thankful for this little guy. I am truly enjoying him and trying to soak up every moment!

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