Saturday, January 26, 2013

14 Months

Charlie Ann turned 14 months about two weeks ago.  So this is a bit delayed for the blog.  But what can I say.. we were traveling, I got the flu, Charlie Ann got the flu, Charlie Ann got two ear infections.. we traveled more... yada yada yada.. and welp, that about brings us to the present.  With that said, the past month is summed up in two words of sickness and traveling.

Here's the recap in picture form:
Charlie Ann a bit fussy, okay, a lot fussy.  But, this is a picture of her amazing Baltic Amber Teething necklace and her first "unicorn" hairstyle. 

A very funny moment when I was at the sink and looked over to see the tips of your shoes sticking out of the very small cabinet next to the dishwasher.  This got a good laugh.

And then that brings us to Christmas time.. there were a previous couple of blogs about a few of those events.  But here's a few other pictures:
Charlie Ann making fun raspberry noises on the couch..

Morning playtime.

This face... with that top lip tucked, I havent quite figured out the emotional correlation, but it sure is funny.

This was a great day! Dad's FIRST day of Christmas Break!  Went for coffee at Joe Bean...

Gotta love the Mrs. Claus leggings...  (Thanks, Gabby!)  She's still not walking.. just a lot of cruising from couch to table to banister and back.

Christmas Eve

Christmas morning... who knew flashcards were like an endless book?!  Charlie Ann is in heaven.  Books are still probably the toy of choice, followed quickly by the airplane push toy and a musical Fisher Price Doggie.

More presents.

Showing off a new stuffed toy.  This is her excited face.  No, seriously, it is.

She adores this tunnel and tent!

Silly face.  Yup, she's in fleece from head to toe! And we are full fledged into 18 months size clothes. 

First piggies!!

On a flight to Oklahoma..  the side pony.  
We took a long 3 week trip to the midwest.  Charlie Ann got to spend a weekend with Grandma while J & I were in Dallas.  And then the rest of the time we spent at my brother's place in Tulsa, prepping for the arrival of my newest nephew!  They have a little boy who is just 10 weeks younger than Charlie Ann.  So we had some very fun cousin time.

Bath time with cousin Asher!

Lunch at cousin Asher's house.  Charlie Ann is a champion at eating.  She eats EVERYTHING and with gusto.  

Shortly after Christmas and then in the middle of our time in Oklahoma, Charlie Ann got two pretty bad bouts of cold and flu junk.  I hate it when babies are sick.  It's so hard to know how to help them feel better.  We had our first round of antibiotics and discovered the temp dropping abilities of Infants Motrin.  

Right now, she is finally healthy!  Thank goodness!

Love you, Little One.

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