Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Spruce Up Con't.

A Spring Spruce Up of the Master Suite, Con't.

A few images, as I sort through "the vision"...

I am definitely wanting a wall collage.  We have three good walls on which this could happen.  These collages, even though seemingly thoughtlessly assembled, are actually very nicely themed and chosen.  Be it a theme of color, shape, pattern or space, they are nicely put together.  Here are a few wall collages I like very much.

Today I started my hunt for my wall collage treasures.  And what I found so far:  
Haha.  A long way to go :)

I am also thinking of incorporating a cross stitch into the collage, probably something like:

We have no head board.  I am considering painting a birch mural behind the bed: 

Possibly painting the wall like a head board, but with chevron stripes.. and no trim on the edge.

Or if that all fails or seems too "permanent", I have thought about using a fabric headboard(like quilting fabric swatches) framed as shown below for a "headboard" of sorts.

I also have two great windows like this (I found leaned up to someone's trash can in the fall), that are drenched in possible clever ideas.

Bedside tables are a must.  I prefer mismatched. I like these:

And that is all for now.  More to follow soon.

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Sollfire said...

Ah, Brooke, I'm not exactly sure which Google search led me to your gorgeous blog. Why is that? I've been here too long to remember, going back to your very first post and meeting Nwabisa. Your book choices coincide with mine-worth-mentioning and I'd love to add Chris Cleave to your list, especially LITTLE BEE. You'll understand "Why?" very quickly. Your thoughts for a master-suite renovation coincide with our recent one... one that turned scary for a while but seems to have ended well, thank G-d. You seem a sensitive human being who happens to be a gifted writer and photographer. So glad we've met. Nicki