Monday, March 25, 2013

Sprucing Up the Master Suite

Our master bedroom is in very sad shape.  It is a catch all for clean and folded laundry, library books, magazines and catalogues, dvd's, phone chargers, scarves/hats/gloves, drying towels, loose change and dust.  And that hasn't seemed to bother us, since how we pretty much fall exhausted into bed every night, and groggily drag ourselves out in the morning - without spending much time there in between.  But I wish I did.  And I think if it didn't look so bare and uninviting, I probably would take my morning tea by my window. But alas, it is far from welcoming.

So, this Spring's project is sprucing up the Master Suite.

Things I already love in our room:
1. plain, simple and clean taupe paint
2. stark white baseboards, crown molding, doors, and windows
3. medium brown wood floors
4. a cute little white door leading to the plumbing of our tub, but it's cute, I promise.
5. white, airy curtains

This is a nice, simple base from which to begin.

Things I don't love in our room:
1.  The sad bar table that is a catch all for everyday crap.
2.  The bedside "tables" are the matching stools to the above said table.
3.  A WalMart $10 "office" lamp.

All easily discarded.

Things that are "workable" for now:
1. Current Bedding
2. Current Large Area Rug

Not really in "the vision" for the room, but I think they can work for the time being.

It is an overwhelming task to redecorate a space.  Therefore, one must have "the vision" for the end result to keep focused and moving in a proper direction.  To start the vision, I will go for the "feeling" of the room.  I want to think these thoughts in my head, when I look around the finished space:  welcoming, calming, romantic, simple and soft.  To me, this means: neutral color palette with perhaps a warm gold or ice blue, cotton fabrics, canvas, delicate floral pattern, natural light, sitting area (defined spaces) and nordic design.

Let's see how it comes together!

Pictures soon to follow :)

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