Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cider Days

One thing that's fun about living all over the country is experiencing the traditions, or customs, or way of life, or whatever you want to call it, of the local life.  While living here in upstate New York, I've observed a love of festivals, numerous terms for varying snow conditions, a strong concern for social justices, a heavy bent for local, organic food, a pride in all that is old, and a partiality to the outdoors.  And all these bring me to my current point... that I could see so many of these fun localities in this past Saturday's event, Cider Days!  We made our own apple cider with our fabulous church!!

It started with a drive to a local apple farm, a wagon ride (with a cider cake donut, of course) and some real apple picking. 

And of course, apple eating. 

And apple running.

After we picked our half bushel of apples, we headed to the church for a big meal and the pressing of the cider. 
It is actually quite a bit of work. 

And the glories of our 1/2 bushel.. 6 quarts of fresh apple cider

Such a great experience.. I'm so glad our church does such cool things! 

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kate fried said...

what a fun, unique & picturesque experience!! super cool.