Thursday, January 23, 2014

Trippers: Two Months Old

Our little guy is two months old today.

Tripp's Stats:  No official stats for this month yet.  He goes in for his 2mon check up in a few days.  I'm guessing the "little" guy is about 12lbs and 23in long...  He is wearing 3-6mon size clothes and size 1 diapers.

Eating: This guy is an eating machine.  We are currently exclusively breastfeeding and it is going SO well. (So thankful).  He put himself on an eating rotation of every 2 1/2-3 hours around the clock, with an occasional 4-5 hour gap somewhere from 7/8pm til 12/1am.  It's a bit draining, and I am pretty much tied to him, but it's worth it.
I will confess however, that last weekend, I stole away for an entire FOUR hours.  Jarod called me about 2 hours in, and asked if I was headed back home.  So I, *gasp* had him make up a bottle of formula. Tripp took it like it was ain't no thang, and I got to finish my "me-time"... and it was totally worth it :)

Sleeping: At 8weeks old, we made the transition from sleeping in our room, to sleeping in his room. It is going very well (for the most part).  Of course he loves our pillow top mattress as compared to his one inch thin bassinet.. so I nap him occasionally on our bed or let him sleep there early in the morning.  I have tried, unsuccessfully, to introduce the bedtime routine of eat, bath, salve (the kid has the driest skin), soothe, swaddle and sleep around 6/7pm.  But for the past two weeks or so, the witching hour is from about 5-9pm.  So I usually always end up taking him back downstairs after an hour of unsuccessful bedtime-ing and rocking him to sleep and watching MadMen on Netflix.  As far as day time sleep (naps) we are all over the board.  It could be at any time, for any amount of time.  But I have learned, the MORE he sleeps during the day, the SHORTER the witching hour.

Tid Bits: He is SMILING!  His first smile actually came Christmas Day.  But then remained outta sight until just this past week.  His smile is goofy in a uncontrollable, chubby sort of way.

He just started coo-ing/baby talking two days ago as well.  It's only a sound or two, and you have to have a nice long, one-sided conversation before he responds.  It is very sweet and darling.

Tripp has an entirely different wardrobe than he did last month.  Last month I was still stuffing him in newborn size clothes and diapers (well, at least the first two weeks of the month).. and was hesitant to move him up a size.  NOW, he is busting the seams of his 3mon clothes.  What?!  So, yesterday I packed away and passed on the 3mon clothes, and refilled with 3-6mon and 6mon stuff.  Unbelievable. I hope he slows down!

Somebody got a play mat! He loves to be propped up on the Boppy and stare at his little jungle animals.

Tripp had his fair share of baby acne.  Poor little guy, he had it bad.  It's over, but lasted almost the entire past month.

He is getting better and better at holding his head up.  This is bittersweet.  It means less and less snuggles and vertical sleeping on my chest and shoulders.  And more and more curiosity in the world around him (and more and more head bobs and divebombs into my shoulder).

Likes: "Jumping" up and down on my lap, being talked to, laying on his changing table and staring at his stuffed toys, laying flat on his back, toddler songs, bathtime and his sister.

Dislikes: Messy and/or wet diapers (30 sec tolerance, actually), laying in an elevated position (i.e., the swing, the rocker, the boppy), getting his clothes changed and too tight jammies (he likes to stretch out).

What Happened This Month? We were blessed to have my mother and father-in-law here for the first few weeks of Tripp's second month.  We celebrated Tripp's first Christmas.  Took him on his first mini vacation to Lake Placid, NY.  And he went on his first hike {inside Jarod's jacket} :)

I just love our little man.  It is a blessing to have him.  In these early months, I have to tell myself to enjoy the moments of snuggles and coos, because although the days (ahem, nights*) are long, the years are short.  I am cherishing this time, even if I'm bleary eyed and wearing pajama pants at 2pm.

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