Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tripp: Three Months Old

Trippster is three months old!

If I could sum up little Trippy in two words, it would be fat and happy! I love him. He is a such a sweet boy who is still so easily consoled. Looking back over the past month, our little guy is just growing up and changing so quickly. 

Eating: Tripp is eating every 2-3 hours during the day and nursing so very well. However, the past few days we have had a slight battle of the wills with nursing on the left side. During a few nursing sessions, he has not liked starting on the left. So strange! We can do dinner on the right and dessert on the left without a hiccup, but switch the order and he has thrown a few fits. But, with these battles, he is learning early that Mommy wins every time. :) At night, he gets up at least once to eat, and sometimes twice. But he is all business.. Eat, burp and right back to sleep. 

Sleeping: we have definitely achieved consolidated night time sleep. Yes! He is down for the night by 7:30pm. We do a bedtime routine of bath, salve, jammies, nurse, a little rocking and into the bassinet drowsy, but not in a deep sleep. He then gets his arms swaddled, his paci and a receiving blanket by his head to snuggle into. I cover him, fill the humidifier (it's SO dry here) and turn off the light. And he's snoozing before I close the door. I am amazed nightly at how easily sleep training comes to this kid, or maybe it's second kids in general. 
(Tripp left, CA right) - little sleepers 

Unfortunately, daytime sleep is not quite as orderly. We have established a few habits, the first being right back to a nap after a 45min awake time in the early morning. The second is another late morning nap, and the third is always both kids napping after lunch for quite awhile (at least 1 1/2 hrs). However, on the whole, it seems like most daytime sleep is a lot of 45min naps, but we are working on stretching those longer and consolidating the frequency. 

Likes: baby talk- we have ALOT of "goo goos" around here; the bouncer- chats all morning to that little monkey; baths; being bundled up; being propped up on the couch; sister's kisses and hugs; his room; being held; and mommy. 
Dislikes: stoplights/waiting in traffic while in the car seat; being naked after a bath; hats; getting salve on his head; going to sleep for daddy; lying on his stomach, the time between 4:30pm and 7:30pm. 

What else happened this month: a strange ten day period where Tripp spit up a lot after each feeding; we re-discovered the necessary use of swaddling his crazy arms for all sleep times; we had Tripp's two month doctor appointment and first immunizations;  we found a pretty good fix for the cradle cap situation (dang dry winters here aren't helping); our first true cold; we also had good friends from Colorado spend five days visiting and helping with all things kid and baby. 

It's been a good, good month! We've been blessed with so many hand me downs and gifts, we found a much cheaper disposable diaper that does a fantastic job, and are really getting into the groove as a family of four. Tripp is a great addition to the fam and we are so happy to have him. 


Rachel said...

What is this salve you speak of?

Stefanie said...

Um, no ... Sleeping well does NOT just come with the territory of being second born. You can give him credit for being a brilliant sleeper ;)