Friday, May 23, 2014

Trippy: Six Months Old

My little boy is already six months! I have such a love hate relationship with this growing up business... Sigh. 

Tripp's likes: the post-diaperchange hip wiggle (gotta get that on video soon), eating solid foods(!), rolling and rolling and rolling, putting everything in his mouth, his playmat, outside, snoozing in the (fake) Ergo and cuddling with Mommy. 
This silly face. 

Mall shoppin' while Dad was outta town. 

First park visit of the Spring Season. 


Tripp's dislikes: sharing bath toys and washcloths, new teeth, car rides over 2 hours long, beards, putting himself back to sleep in the middle of the night and pacifiers when he's not sleepy. 
Trying to escape. 

Also this month: Tripp took his first camping trip! He had a ball! (See previous post for details on that trip). 

Hangin' out in the tent. 

Sister's sippy cup is really cool. 


Enjoying the view of his blanket at Lake Placid. 

New tricks: rolling back to belly, putting his pacifier in by himself, grasping and passing objects from hand to hand, stellar hand and mouth coordination, blowing raspberries, knowing his name and saying 'mamamama' when he's hungry or upset. 
The I-Just-Rolled-Over face. 

Sleep: a bit hit or miss these days. In other words, unpredictable and inconsistent. Tripp goes to bed around 6pm, and wakes up between 1 to 4 times a night. Sometimes he goes back to sleep with a reinserted paci and simple shushing, other times it takes a full on nursing session or the standing baby bounce-n-jiggle.. However, now that he's 6mon old, we will be on a mission to sort out this night waking business. Mommy can't take many more interrupted nights of sleep! Naps are just as scattered.. We were doing better about two weeks ago, but then we went camping and got two teeth, so we are back at square one. 

Eating: we started solid foods! This part of baby life is easily the best!  I love making Tripp's baby food, LOVE IT. 
I started two weeks prior to him turning 6mon old, as he was beyond ready. He has had bananas, avocados, oatmeal and mangos. And he loves it all! I had heard that boys eat a lot, and now I can vouch for much truth in that statement. 

I sure do love this little man.

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