Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tripp: Eight Months

Eight months, Little Dude.  Eight months. 

Likes: toys!, Charlie Ann entertainment, knee bounces, outside, fresh fruit, Mommy, loud toy banging, tasting and biting all things in arm's reach, being held and exploring under couches, changing tables and cribs when Mommy isn't looking. 

Dislikes: the outside baby pool, staying on the blanket on the wooden floors, veggies--especially sweet potatoes, waiting, diaper changes in the middle of the night and the baby swing. 

Size: Tripp is in 9-12mon clothes, size 2 diapers and size 3 shoes. He is a LONG and SKINNY boy-- no more baby rolls for this guy. 

New food: egg yolks, nectarines, plums, rice, peas, applesauce and 1 lentil tortilla chip (oops). 
In general, he is improving with the solid food love. It's still unpredictable as to how much he'll eat, but he is eating a regular two meals (lunch-ish and dinner-ish) a day. He still makes miserable faces with most food, and can scope out those terrible sweet potatoes in an instant. But, on the whole, this past month is MUCH better than last month's appeals to solids. 

Nursing: On average, Tripp still nurses about 6-7 times in a 24 hour period- upon waking up, before naps/bedtime and twice in the night. I know that nursing is a wonderful, beautiful and amazing thing, but I'm over the awe of it. Perhaps it is because Tripp refuses a bottle and I am so, so tired of being on demand-- it is exhausting. Kinda like motherhood in general.. Ha. 

Sleep: Tripp is officially a twice a day napper. His morning nap is super reliable, you could set your watch by it. If this little guy isn't sawing logs by 9:15am, look out! His afternoon nap depends on the end of his morning nap, but generally it's 1pm. Bedtime is 6:30pm and wake up time is 6:15am. I am so thankful the sleep has shook out successfully. Of course not all days are text book, but I'd say 80% percent of the time, sleep happens successfully.  

New tricks: maneuvering everywhere. He twists, wiggles, rolls, pushes and spins his way from Point A to Point B with no problems. Waving (!) it's so sweet. Saying "dih, dih, dih, dih" when he is happy and excited about something. I love how he says his little "dih" phrase with such certainty and authority. Almost sitting! It's not quite there, but at least he's now bending at the waist. Riding in the stroller sans car seat! Like a pro. 

In other news, Tripp is very much the happiest baby on the block.. Or all of Rochester. He is one smiley and cuddly little guy. I can't imagine our life without him. 

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