Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tripp: Nine Months

Here we go, nine month recap!

Favorite Foods: graham crackers and mangos

Favorite toys: First Puzzle, Little People, ABC 123 Puppy, and Play House. (Fisher Price, for the win!)

Favorite books: "Garden Animals" by Lucy Cousins. 

New tricks: sitting (confidently, and able to withstand bumps and nudges with out tipping over from an eager sister) waving (a lot!), pointing (a little) and scream squealing (too much!) 

New Sizes: 9-12 months in all clothes, size 2 diapers and size 3 shoes. Weight, unofficial from my own scale: 18lbs. Height, unofficial from my own tape measure, 28in. 

New solid foods: yellow lentils, carrots, almond butter, sunflower seed butter, spinach, cantaloupe, graham crackers, cinnamon, watermelon, pumpkin and chicken. 
Unfortunately, he has his mom's sweet tooth--so I am mixing most things with applesauce :/ He is very much into solid food now and eats lunch and dinner meals regularly.

Sleeping: this kid! It seems as though everytime I feel like we make forward progress in sleep routines, it barely lasts a few days before teeth, travels or a cold interrupts our progress. HOWEVER, the last four days have gone, on the whole, very well! As in 12 hour night sleep (with no mommy visits) and two 1-2 hour naps at 9am & 1pm. Maybe it's a new corner?? Hoping it lasts!!

Nursing: we are still going full steam ahead with the breast feeding. I have managed to cut it to 5-6 feedings in a 24 hour period. Tripp still does not do a bottle. While I'm very thankful for the ample supply and a good nurser, I am ready to have a little distance with this kiddo! 

Firsts: first trip to the beach! 
First double bath!
First playground!
First hike!

Sure love this boy!

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