Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Camping

The mountains called to us this past weekend and we listened and obeyed. And it was good for everyone's spirit. 

Who needs a pack n play? 

Like he really stayed on the sleeping pad...


The morning after the night that everyone slept well (not to be confused with the other night that no one slept well or slept at all).

All these cuties. 

Beer Walls climbing approach. 

Rock rest. 

Jarod taking a lap on Frosted Mug. 

Right before she slid face first down that rest spot. 

Buddy boy!!

47 is pretty cold for camping!

Looking A LOT like his big sister here. 

Beer Walls selfies! Aka, waiting for Dad to finish climbing. 

Much good was had in the Adirondacks. Grateful. 

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