Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tripp - 10 Months!

Another month passed last week, good grief!!
10 Months! 
He was ready for his nap, so he's looking a little sleepy..but still happy!

Likes: Toys! (especially balls and cars that easily roll, wooden stackers and electronic ones with buttons that make noise), stroller rides, ergo rides, Taiga's ears and nose and feet, army crawling, Cheerios, his sister's singing, electrical cords and chasing the vacuum.

Dislikes: diaper changes, most veggies not disguised with applesauce, holding still and getting dressed. 

New tricks: Army crawling... Everywhere!- Bring out the baby gates and remember to close doors. I am thinking this kid isn't going to be as containable as my other one. Pointing... So cute! He's really got that index finger working all the time. Going from Sitting to Crawling... So long being able to "keep" you still. Saying a lot of consonant sounds (d, g, m, b, p, w, t) on repeat.

And of course this new trick of spoon balancing.

Eating: well, we've pretty much moved on from most puréed foods. Tripp would much rather pick up bits and do it himself. And he's more prone to a wider variety of food if I let him do it on his own. This is a good thing because it's super easy to toss lunch on his tray and let him eat with the girls. It's a bad thing because my kitchen floor, booster chair, child and child's clothes are generally peppered with squished lunch. Needless to say, I'm mopping daily and changing Tripp's clothes two to three times a day. Also, I haven't been as strict with the four day wait rule either.. Oops. But on a plus note, we haven't encountered any more reactions, and we've crossed some big barriers (eggs, peanut butter, gluten, etc.)

Snacks from the floor are okay, yeah?

And chicken legs? Those are super okay, yeah?

Wild curls!

And he lives on graham crackers. Sorry, kid.

Sleeping: we are on a solid 6:30pm to 6:30am night sleep schedule. He's sleeping til about 4:30/5am, nurses, and goes right back to sleep for another couple of hours. His naps are at 9/10am and 1/2pm. He's kind of a short napper, about an hour or less each time. But I'll take what I can get. He doesn't show signs of dropping his morning nap yet, and I'm totally okay with that.

Nursing: he lovvvvvvves it.  Still going strong about 5 times in a 24 hour period. I've been making my exit strategy for his weaning in a couple of months. I have a feeling it's not going to be pretty.  

Firsts and other happenings: First time in the pool! A little apprehensive at first, but he warmed up quick. This month Tripp went on another camping trip to the Adirondack Mountains (see previous post). It was quite a different experience taking a 10mon old, as compared to taking a 6mon old.. (ahem, belly crawling e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e) and the sleeping was definitely a miss on the second night.  But we all survived, and much more fun was had than not, so I chalk that up to a SUPER successful camping trip with two littles. We also found a great board walk and pier about 5 min from our house, that's been the new "go-to" for the witching hour before dinner and bedtime.  It keeps us all sane.  Tripp is a growing boy (although because of a pediatrician debacle, I do not know his official size) and is completely in 12mon clothes (some 18 mon!!), is busting out of his size 2 diapers (but Mommy is cheap, and making him finish the box) and has three new pairs of fall shoes in size 3.  

The only cute thing about trying to tackle a drain problem at Home Depot.

Our happy place at Ontario Beach Park (again, note the graham crackers.)

Until next month, my happy little guy! 

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