Monday, October 27, 2014

Tripp - 11 Months

Tripp's last "official" month as a baby. Gulllllllpppp. Someone stop the clock. For reals. 

Eleven months  

Loves: Tie-duh (Taiga), army crawling as fast as his four limbs can go, Autumn walks in the stroller, sticks and leaves and other collectables from said Autumn walks, Cheerios, smiling, talking, playing by himself, Charlie Ann... The list goes on and on.. I genuinely feel like this kid just loves LIFE! 

Hates: teething, runny noses and congestion, getting diaper changes, getting dressed, trying new food. 

Fav toy: Little People everything

Fav book: "garden animals" by Lucy Cousins (never gets old... It's been his fav for months)

Fav food: TJ's version of Ritz crackers, cheese and ALL fruit (fresh and chunked). That would be his meal of choice all day long if possible. 

New tricks and stunts: professional army crawler, pulling up to knees, clapping, signing "all done", sharing food and toys and *actually stopping* when being told "no" (ie, computer cords, {out of order} fireplace, chewing on bottoms of shoes, pulling up {and out} of baby tub, etc.) 

First carousel ride 

Eating: Tripp does a pretty bang up job of eating big people food in baby size chunks. However, to make sure he's getting a fairly balanced and healthy compilation of foods, I still will purée some veggies and meats.  Because, like I mentioned earlier, he'd just live off crackers, cheese and fruit in his little kingdom. He's like the perpetual baby shower food kid. 

Nursing: yep. Still luvvvvvvving it. Myself, ehhhh, can't wait til he's one!

Sleep: he's pretty good at it. Except when he's teething or has a cold. Both of which are happening as we speak, this week. Poor boy. I'm also thinking we are going to say good bye to that morning nap any day now. He seems to be able to take it or leave it nowadays, and it does get left a lot. 

Sleeping on Mom
Sleeping on Mom again

Size: Tripp is wearing all 12mon size clothes and some 18mon. This guy is SO LONG and skinny. The go to method is to roll the waist band of his 12mon pants in efforts to prevent him from crawling out of them. Silly boy. 

We all love Trippy Boy!

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