Monday, November 17, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

Before I take down the pumpkins and erase my "happy fall y'all" chalkboard sign, I need to do one last autumn update.  Here are some adorable photos of Charlie Ann carving and painting her first pumpkin.

She got to stay up late and wait for Daddy to get home so we could all carve together.. hence why she is in her pajamas.

She was not really a fan touching the inside of the pumpkin.

Have you hugged your pumpkin today?

And then, after it was all carved and finished, she decided it was indeed NOT finished.  It needed to be painted.  So, round two.

 Multiple smiley faces are good.
Thats a lot of pumpkin love.

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Kate said...

I love this! And I wish we were neighbors. CA and Eliza would be two peas in a pod.