Monday, December 22, 2014

Charlie Ann and the Big Three

Three. Years. Old.

I know it's still a little age for a child, but in this household, 3 sounds like retiring age. How is it that my little girl is already three?

Celebrating Charlie Ann's birthday was bitter sweet for me. Sweet to see so many smiles and witness genuine excitement. Sweet to watch her understand and know what celebrating her birthday means. But bitter to know that two years old is a finished chapter.  Bitter to watch her struggle with the inevitability of growing up (namely trying to fall asleep without a paci for the first time in her whole little life). Bitter because as the older she gets, the more I realize and experience that she is her own person, not always to be fixed and soothed and comforted by her mother. I don't always know what she needs now. She is more complex in wants and needs and personality. I can't always MEET her needs and wants and understand who she is and that is a humbling place to live.  I know that these things are healthy places for all of us.  But of course, adapting to change is always a bit prickly.

But speaking of this new chapter of THREE...

Charlie Ann at three is a smart little cookie, very aware, full of adventure, confidence, curiosity and compassion for her little brother.

Three year old Charlie Ann loves Curious George, duplos, playing outside, running and walking (never riding in the stroller), purple rain boots, the color pink, Minnie Mouse, tomato soup, cleaning up her toys, drinking from a glass (with no lid or straw), climbing in and out of her car seat and buckling it all by herself, taking showers and washing all by herself, swimming, making Tripp laugh and doing everything that Daddy does.

Charlie Ann is learning to share, to draw with pencils, to ride her tricycle, to kick a ball, to climb the climbing wall, to help with chores and to be patient.

Three year old Charlie Ann sings songs she knows and makes up new ones, has just started an interest in dolls and make believe/pretend play, teaches Tripp the hand motions to multiple ditties and tries to get him to talk and walk.  Charlie Ann is very responsible and is very dependable and trustworthy.  She looks after Tripp when I am in the other room, and I hear her repeating my phrases of correction.

My sweet Charlie Ann, thank you for making me a mom and bringing to light new depths of love and fear (and consequently faith) like I've never known!  Thank you for continually refining my character and challenging me to face my own insecurities and frustrations (it's amazing how much kids can be a mirror! -yikes!)

I am looking forward to so many more years together.

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Kate said...

These pictures are beautiful!