Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 1 of the New Job

New job began today. After the fiasco of a 55 min drive to get to Lasseletta K-8 School [7 mi away] (one closed road, one gridlocked freeway, two bouts of road construction, three detours and one train), I arrived 24 minutes late. But, no worries. They weren't expecting me. So I proceeded to meet with and "sell" the TUPE (Tobacco Use Prevention Education) to the AP, who got on board and is now encouraging his Middle School teachers to get on board as well. Luckily the counselor arrived shortly and she was familiar with the TUPE Interventionist Program.. so all smoothed out quickly and I was given a room with a desk. This is good. I sent my informative letter and referral forms to the middle school teachers this afternoon, so now I can hopefully start meeting with their students after school resumes in January.

We met with our supervisor for an additional training meeting after school and the highlight was picking out our school supplies. Ha. Why do I love colored Sharpies so much?

Tomorrow I am at Sparks Middle School, and it looks like I may start meeting with students as soon as I arrive. Could be an adventure of a day!

I can't believe that we leave for the drive west the day after tomorrow! I am so very NOT ready and am just concentrating on accomplishing these new work requirements. I sort of wish that I had time to mentally anticipate our trip, but I guess I do have 28 hours in the car for that.

On that note, I am hitting the sack early tonite. Working 2 jobs back to back makes me tired and I still have to pack!

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