Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Mustache Ride

Last nite, Jarod and I went on the 2nd Annual Mustache Ride around Whittier (very close to where we live). It was a fun night! Everyone (guys and gals) sported the 'stache. Jarod took some great photos of all the bikers. (Check out our photo blog for those) It was a just 12 mile loop, and this ride actually started at 7:30pm! YEAH for me (someone who is NOT a night owl). As usual, it was quite the motley crew. Old guys, mom's pulling little ones in trailers, smokers, BMX bike riders, highschoolers, couples in love, 5th graders pulling stunts on bikes, and of course, Robert, who pulled a trailer with a massive stereo strapped in blaring Jimi Hendrix.

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Ashley Shelangoski said...

THAT is a-mazing!!! love it! :)