Monday, February 15, 2010

The Weekend Update

Yesterday morning Jarod and I celebrated our 2nd married Valentine's Day by exchanging home-made presents, drinking coffee in bed and having a late brunch at Panera. It was a wonderful morning and I'm so very thankful for the man I married. We are such a good match!

My Funny Valentine for Jarod
Our friends, Lani & Evan, had their baby Friday night!! Welcome to the world little Nan Rosa! (Pictures to come :) While the Rosa's are celebrating their new family in the hospital, Jarod and I helped them move. The apartment they were living in had too many issues, but their new place is great! Unfortunately, this was a busy weekend for them.. birthing kiddos and moving!! So, between the Rosa's extended family, their Talbot Community Group and us, we managed to move all their stuff yesterday afternoon AND set up house! I am so glad that Lani has a homey place to come back to, rather than packed boxes everywhere! We are taking care of their dog, Margo for a few days as well... We're hoping to meet Nan tomorrow, when we take Margo back home. Can't wait!!

I had to work at Old Navy yesterday evening, but Jarod and I finished out the Day of Love with stir-fry and 50 First Dates :) Hello, Love on a grad school budget!! It's great... Honestly, it forces creativity and genuineness. And I wouldn't change that at all.

Today is President's Day and I'm off work!!! Although I haven't any bigger plans than housework and grocery shopping and a trip to the dog park, I am really, REALLY happy to just be at home. I am looking forward to the day when Jarod is a professor and I can be little Sally Homemaker :)

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Judy and Scott S. said...

afternoon sweet brooke - and jarod! just read your valentine agenda....sounds busy and gobs of fun! we are thankful you have each other and it is great to watch and see you both and miss ya! brooke, did you make any of those sour cream cookies for VDay? i thought about it but we bought krispy kremes so the boys could have the valentines that were included with each dozen.....didn't want to eat another KK......until now! yum!