Monday, February 8, 2010

Taiga has the Funk

Taiga and I made a trip the vet today because of this funky growth that sprang up a week and a half ago on her lip :( But, good news, Dr. Hussein (yes, like Saddam) says it's nothing to worry about.. just a cauliflower wart! Apparently it's common among younger dogs. She called it Papiloma Virus! Yikes! But she said it will probably dry up and fall off. Weird!!! I am just supposed to watch and see if it continues to grow... if it does, she can do a quick laceration and leave a dissolvable stitch. Poor, baby!
On another note about Taiga... she got schooled yesterday at the dog park.. a pack, literally, a pack of huskies and malamutes showed up and totally put our dog in her place! It was awesome! I have never seen Taiga cower or whimper to another dog before.. it was great for her to get a taste of her own medicine!

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