Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another 49 Days

Last weekend (Easter) ended my 49 days of no coffee... That was a big accomplishment for me, and since last weekend, I have had at least 1 cup a day. (YES!) But abstaining from coffee was beneficial on multiple levels. The first being to show myself that yes, I can have self discipline! Secondly, it introduced me to the clean, light feeling of hot tea in the mornings. And thirdly, that it is possible to abstain successfully and not merit the addicted title of "coffee drinker" :)

Having accomplished refraining from coffee for 7 weeks, I am now going to add something for another 7 weeks. I am adding a daily dose of exercise for 7 weeks. I have found that it is too easy to sit all day at work, come home and start on house chores or commitments, and then realize that several days have passed since I last exercised my body.

Here is my plan. 49 days of something physical on an everyday basis. That could mean: a jog, a power walk, a bike ride, yoga, laps in the pool, plyometrics, pilates, weight lifting or a cross training workout.. Just something to get me moving everyday! I do know that too many consecutive days in a row can be actually detrimental to one's health, so I will do a "light" exercise once every 7 days... just to make sure I do have a semi-rest day.

Now, what's so magical about "49"? Nothing really, that just happened to be how many days out from Easter I was when I started the no coffee thing.. and it just happens to be how many days out from 1] Florida trip for my bro's wedding 2] last day of work and 3] moving to Colorado for the summer.

So I actually started this on Thursday and it is thus far successful! It will mean cutting a few things, making sacrifices, getting up when it's dark or going to bed a little later. But I am counting on having more energy because of the exercise. And, it's just for 49 days, so it's possible!

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