Monday, April 19, 2010

A Weekend in Yosemite Valley

We were completely blessed this past weekend by my Aunt Leigh from Oregon. She gave us her voucher for a free two night stay in a cabin up in Yosemite National Park. It was a truly wonderful getaway from the city. My work gave me the day off on Friday, so around lunch, Jarod and I made the 6 hour trek from Los Angeles up to the center of the state. And... what a beautiful drive and view. California really is gorgeous once you leave the Inland Empire :)

We made fires in the woodstove, had plenty of coffee and ginger snaps, played with Taiga in the woods, threw sticks in the river behind our cabin and couldn't have asked for a better trip of peace and relaxing.

Driving down to the Valley, we got our first glimpse from the overlook near the exit of the tunnel.

El Capitan is on the left, Half Dome in the back center and the Cathedral Group on the right, with Bridalveil Falls flowing.
This is at the base of the Valley looking up at The Captain.

Half Dome in traditional Ansel Adams style.

Yosemite is clearly picturesque.
Jarod, with Middle Cathedral behind him, where he climbed Border Country last fall.

It was so hard to leave the park. We truly miss the quiet and the peacefulness of God's creation. I think we both learned that living in an urban community requires us take a respite into the wilderness on a regular basis. We need to remember the solitude, the stillness, the place where sighs can be let out and serenity let in, so we can serve happily and heartily in this season of our lives.

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Hoag said...

Holy crap that's sweet! Next time Jules and I drive out there we should meet in Yosemite and hang for a weekend