Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lemon Ice

It's hot outside. It's hot inside. I am hot laying on this couch trying to read. Taiga is panting. I purposely took a cold shower and left my hair wet to try to cool down. Both fans are on high. But I am still hot. There isn't a cloud in the sky, just bright, hot sunshine and no breeze. It is time for a cooler. A nice, lemon cooler... I had been googling recipes for lemony treats.. but all required the oven to be on (and that is NOT an option right now!) So.. time for a little experiment in the blender. I walked outside and picked 3 lemons off the lemon tree, washed them and cut them in thin slices. I put the slices (peel and all) in the blender with a little sugar (I think I'll try honey next time). That blended for about 30 seconds, then I added a whole tray of ice cubes. I now have a fabulous Italian Lemon Ice Cooler. Experiment success!

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