Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Pomegranate Tree

There is a lovely, fenced in, neighborhood park about a mile and a half up from our place on Citrus Drive.  I walk Taiga there on days I don't feel like socializing at the dog park.  Monday was one of those days. 

I noticed the bushy tree on the left (above tiny Taiga in the park picture) was bulging with some large, reddish-pink orbs.

 I inspected a bit closer, getting my shoes muddy (we had had some rain).

 This fruit looked familiar, but then again, there are so many sphere-fruit producing trees in southern California, that I thought this was just another "ornamental" fruit tree.

 But my curiosity got the best of me, and I picked it.

 Then I pulled off part of the skin shell.

Pomegranates!!  What?!  At my little neighborhood park?!

 I tasted the seeds.  

 Mmm.  Pomegranate sweetness.

 I am pretty unfamiliar with the pomegranate fruit.  But after sampling this one at the park, it's almost like corn kernels. Inside the pomegranate kernel, is the juice and a tiny white pit, which you have to spit out.  

It's a good fruit for park eating.  Lots of places to spit pits.

Then, on the walk home, I noticed these over the wall by the side walk.

Where do I live, the Garden of Eden?!?!? 


Kiley Kemp said...

Hahaha!! The Garden of Eden! Seems like it.

We used to have a pomegranate tree near my house in Orange County. Picking and eating the fruit is one of my favorite pastimes. :)

Rachel said...

That is amazing! I would LOVE to have the available. Pomegranates are so good!