Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Pet Peeve...

I have a major pet peeve about drinking hot coffee out of plastic or styrofoam or paper or especially the metally material that makes up most to-go mugs.  All was lost regarding this pet peeve and I was forced to flench everytime I swallowed coffee on the go... UNTIL YESTERDAY.  While grocery shopping at the local Sam's Club, I saw a wonderfully gift wrapped package of Starbucks holiday treats (bonus, but not the main event) which included a to-go CERAMIC mug (main event)!!  This is absolutely genius.  Doubled walled, (so as to not burn your hand), no handle (love the shape) and a removable plastic top to avoid spilling on the morning commute, but while at work, a wonderful porcelain experience for the mouth.  I'm in heaven.

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